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Global Left Midweek - Elections in Latin America

Honduras now, Brazil soon... the Pink Tide is back! And the worldwide campaign to end violence against women

Honduran presidential candidate for the Libertad y Refundacion (LIBRE) party Xiomara Castro de Zelaya delivers a speech during a rally in Santa Barbara, Honduras, on November 14, 2021. Credit,Orlando Sierra—AFP/Getty Images
  1. Women Worldwide: No More Silence
  2. Honduran Voters Conquer
  3. Other Elections in Latin America
  4. Strikers Show Their Power
  5. Defend PKK From Terrorist Smear
  6. The Saga of South Korean Labor
  7. Podcast: Hard Looks at ANC and SWAPO
  8. Basque Left on ETA
  9. Left Intellectuals Who Made a Mark
  10. A Deep Left Look at Brexit


Women Worldwide: No More Silence

Aarti Narsee / Women’s Media Center (Washington DC)

Women have been fighting back against an increase in domestic violence and femicide during the COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions on sexual and reproductive health and rights, and the withdrawal of key protection mechanisms; and called for the right to work and education.

Honduran Voters Conquer

Xiomara Castro Claims Victory  Cassandra Garrison / US News and World Report (Washington DC)

Who is Xiomara?  Brendan O'Boyle / Americas Quarterly (New York)

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The Libre Party  Dick and Miriam Emanuelsson-Huezo / Tortilla con Sal (Managua)

Other Elections in Latin America

Venezuela  Paul Dobson / Venezuelanalysis (Caracas)

Nicaragua  Jonah Walters / New Left Review (London) 

Brazil  Forrest Hylton / London Review of Books

Chile  Nicolás Donoso Álvarez / LatinAmerican Post (Bogotá)

Colombia  Diana Delgado / Argus (London)

Strikers Show Their Power

Hungary  Bogatin Bence / Progressive International (London)

India  Sukanya Shantha / The Wire (New Delhi)

Spain  Dick Nichols / Green Left (Sydney) 

Amazon International  Kelvin Chan / Manufacturing Business Technology (Madison)

Defend PKK From
Terrorist Smear

Hawar News Agency (Al-Hasakah, Syria)

A group of Arab politicians, intellectuals and writers affirmed that the PKK is one of the real global revolutionary movements. They stressed the need to remove the PKK from terrorist lists, and that Arab intellectuals should unite to make this happen.

The Saga of South Korean Labor

International Strategy Center (Seoul)

“Power comes only from the organized workers,” Oh Sang-taek of Together Labor says. “So our tasks are twofold: increasing the organizational coherence of the KCTU [South Korea’s largest union federation], and using that trade union power to strengthen the political party of the working class.”

Podcast: Hard Looks at ANC and SWAPO

Gwen Lister and Imraan Buccus / New Frame (Johannesburg)

What does the future hold for the ANC after the hiding it got at the polls? SWAPO’s experience in Namibia gives some answers. And, a party of the proper Left is what the ANC should fear.

Basque Left on ETA

Dick Nichols / Links (Sydney)

Over 40 years, ETA’s military-terrorist tactics transformed it from being perceived — in Euskadi, Spain and internationally — as a resistance movement conducting a popular anti-dictatorship struggle into an armed extortionist gang with a shrinking social base.

Left Intellectuals Who Made a Mark

Joan Robinson  Carolina Alves / Developing Economics

Rossana Rossanda  Giulia Albanese / Verso (London)

A Deep Left Look at Brexit

Jonas Marvin / Salvage (London)

The working class was not the deus ex machina behind Brexit. Only insofar as its experiences were mediated through race and nation did a section of the working class gravitate toward it.