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The Elephant in the Room

There cannot be democracy for Jews in Israel as long as Palestinians live under a regime of apartheid, as Israeli legal experts have described it.


We, academics and other public figures from Israel/Palestine and abroad, call attention to the direct link between Israel’s recent attack on the judiciary and its illegal occupation of millions of Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Palestinian people lack almost all basic rights, including the right to vote and protest. They face constant violence: this year alone, Israeli forces have killed over 190 Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza and demolished over 590 structures. Settler vigilantes burn, loot, and kill with impunity.

Without equal rights for all, whether in one state, two states, or in some other political framework, there is always a danger of dictatorship. There cannot be democracy for Jews in Israel as long as Palestinians live under a regime of apartheid, as Israeli legal experts have described it. Indeed, the ultimate purpose of the judicial overhaul is to tighten restrictions on Gaza, deprive Palestinians of equal rights both beyond the Green Line and within it, annex more land, and ethnically cleanse all territories under Israeli rule of their Palestinian population. The problems did not start with the current radical government: Jewish supremacism has been growing for years and was enshrined in law by the 2018 Nation State Law.

American Jews have long been at the forefront of social justice causes, from racial equality to abortion rights, but have paid insufficient attention to the elephant in the room: Israel’s long-standing occupation that, we repeat, has yielded a regime of apartheid. As Israel has grown more right-wing and come under the spell of the current government’s messianic, homophobic, and misogynistic agenda, young American Jews have grown more and more alienated from it. Meanwhile, American Jewish billionaire funders help support the Israeli far right. 

In this moment of urgency and also possibility for change, we call on leaders of North American Jewry - foundation leaders, scholars, rabbis, educators - to

  1. Support the Israeli protest movement, yet call on it to embrace equality for Jews and Palestinians within the Green Line and in the OPT. 

  2. Support human rights organizations which defend Palestinians and provide real-time information on the lived reality of occupation and apartheid.

  3. Commit to overhaul educational norms and curricula for Jewish children and youth in order to provide a more honest appraisal of Israel’s past and present.

  4. Demand from elected leaders in the United States that they help end the occupation, restrict American military aid from being used in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and end Israeli impunity in the UN and other international organizations.  

No more silence. The time to act is now.

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List of signatories

  1. Shira Klein, Associate Professor of History, Chapman University

  2. Omer Bartov, Professor of Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Brown University

  3. Meir Amor, Associate Professor Concordia University (ret.) 

  4. Lior Sternfeld, Associate Professor of History and Jewish Studies, Penn State University

  5. David N. Myers, Professor of Jewish History, UCLA 

  6. Yair Mintzker, Professor of History, Princeton University

  7. Tamir Sorek, Professor, Penn State University

  8. Nitzan Lebovic, Professor of History, Apter Chair of Holocaust Studies, Lehigh University

  9. Samuel Moyn, Professor, Yale University

  10. Amos Goldberg, Research Institute of Contemporary Jewry, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem 

  11. Zach Adam, Professor Emeritus, the Hebrew University   

  12. Sarah Stroumsa, Professor Emerita, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem 

  13. Daniel Blatman, Professor Emeritus, Department of Jewish History, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem 

  14. Ella Segev, Associate Professor, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  15. Ben Kiernan, Professor of History, Yale University (ret.) 

  16. Efraim Davidi, lecturer, Tel Aviv University 

  17. Yael Hashiloni Dolev, Professor, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev 

  18. Anat Matar, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, Tel Aviv University 

  19. Dr. Noga Wolff, Independent Scholar 

  20. Omri Boehm, Associate Professor of Philosophy, The New School for Social Research 

  21. Oren Yiftachel, Professor of Geography, Ben- Gurion University of the Negev

  22. Naama Meishar, Technion - Israeli Institute of Technology

  23. Yael Sela, Research Associate, Moses Mendelssohn Center, Potsdam University 

  24. Yiftah Elazar, Senior Lecturer in Political Science, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 

  25. Dudy Tzfati, Associate Professor of Genetics, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 

  26. Ofer Ashkenazi, Associate Professor of History, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 

  27. Sara Helman, Associate Professor, Ben Gurion University of the Negev (ret.)

  28. Outi Bat-El Foux, Professor Emerita, Tel Aviv University 

  29. Benny Morris, Professor Emeritus, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev 

  30. Meron Mendel, Professor, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences 

  31. Yitzhak Hen, Professor, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  32. Ronen Segev, Professor, Ben Gurion University of the Negev 

  33. Uri Mor, Associate Professor at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

  34. Michael Steinberg, Professor of History, Brown University 

  35. Avraham Sela, Professor Emeritus, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 

  36. Atalia Omer, Professor of Religion, Conflict, and Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame 

  37. Jung Cyrulnik Daphna, Social Worker

  38. Alon Confino, Professor of History and Jewish Studies, UMass Amherst 

  39. Isaac Nevo, Associate Professor, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

  40. Raya Morag, Professor, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 

  41. Katharina Galor, Hirschfeld Senior Lecturer in Judaic Studies, Brown University

  42. Guy Stroumsa, Professor Emeritus, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem & University of Oxford 

  43. Dr. Tammy Razi 

  44. Yosi Avron, Professor Emeritus, Technion - Israeli Institute of Technology

  45. Rachel Burnett, undergraduate student of Psychology & Middle East Studies at UCLA

  46. Liora Halperin, Professor, University of Washington 

  47. Steven J. Zipperstein, Daniel E. Koshland Professor in Jewish Culture and History, Stanford University 

  48. Hanno Loewy, Jewish Museum Hohenems 

  49. Avrum Burg, Associate Professor, former speaker of the knesset, former chairman of the Jewish Agency 

  50. Abigail Jacobson, Associate Professor, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 

  51. Susan Neiman, Director, Einstein Forum 

  52. David Enoch, Professor of Law and Philosophy, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 

  53. Assaf Hasson, Associate Professor, Ben Gurion University of the Negev

  54. David De Vries, Professor Emeritus, Department of Labor Studies, Tel Aviv University 

  55. Galit Hasan-Rokem, Professor Emerita, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 

  56. Ron Naiweld, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique - CNRS

  57.  Edouard Jurkevitch, Professor, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  58. Sidra DeKoven Ezrahi, Professor Emerita, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  59. David Abraham, Professor of Law, University of Miami 

  60. David Guggenheim, Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins University

  61. Ian Balfour, Professor Emeritus, York University 

  62. David Feldman, Director, Birkbeck Institute for the Study of Antisemitism, University of London

  63. Michael Rothberg, Professor of English, Comparative LIterature, and Holocaust Studies, UCLA

  64. Fareed Mahameed, Assistant Director, Center for Transboundary Water Management, The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies

  65. Paul Mendes-Flohr, Professor, The University of Chicago

  66. Iris Hefets, Psychoanalyst, Berlin

  67. Meir Aridor, Associate Professor of Cell Biology, University of Pittsburgh 

  68. Elazar Barkan, Professor, Columbia University 

  69. Atina Grossmann, Professor of History, Cooper Union, New York 

  70. Dmitry Shumsky, Associate Professor of History, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 

  71. Li Wai-yee, Professor of Chinese Literature, Harvard University 

  72. Nina Robins, Masters student of Global Public Health, New York University 

  73. Hannan Hever, Professor of Jewish Studies and Comparative Literature, Yale University 

  74. Haim Bresheeth, Professorial Research Associate, SOAS 

  75. Dr. Adi Avivi

  76. Niv Likwornik, student, Franklin & Marshall College 

  77. Avner Ben-Amos, Professor Emeritus, Tel-Aviv University 

  78. Oded Heilbronner, Professor of History and Cultural Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  79. Ivy Sichel, Professor of Linguistics, UC Santa Cruz 

  80. Hilla Dayan, Lecturer, activist, Gate48 and Academia for Equality 

  81. Khalefah Alghanim, Graduate Student Researcher at UCLA 

  82. Nomi Erteschik-Shir, Professor Emerita, Ben Gurion University of the Negev

  83. Ayelet Ben-Yishai, Associate Professor of English, Universty of Haifa 

  84. Margaret Olin, Senior Lecturer Emeritus, Yale University 

  85. Jacob Katriel, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, Technion - Israeli Institute of Technology

  86. Yuval Tal, Assistant Professor, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  87. Stefan Rokem, Professor Emeritus, The Hebrew University - Hadassah Medical School

  88. Heather Stone, Adv. 

  89. Uri Horesh, Senior Lecturer in Arabic Linguistics, Achva Academic College

  90. Ariel Chipman, Professor of Evolutionary Biology, The Hebrew University

  91. Lev Grinberg, Professor Emeritus, Ben Gurion University of the Negev

  92. Arie M. Dubnov, Max Ticktin Professor of Israel Studies and History, George Washington University

  93. Sofia Fani Gutman, researcher and activist in Palestine, architecture student, The Cooper Union

  94. Aaron Hahn Tapper, Mae and Benjamin Swig Professor of Jewish Studies, University of San Francisco

  95. Yael Poznanski, Senior Lecturer, Achva Academic College

  96. Oded Bein, Postdoctoral Researcher, Princeton University

  97. Tamar Katriel, Professor Emerita, University of Haifa

  98. Tal Bruttmann, Researcher, Paris Cergy Université 

  99. Marcello Flores, Professor, University of Siena (ret.)

  100. Nurit Peled Elhanan, Lecturer, David Yellin Academic College of Education

  101. Cora Galpern, student, University of Michigan 

  102. Rela Mazali, Writer, Independent Scholar, Activist

  103. Daniel Lieberman, Professor, Harvard University 

  104. Froma Zeitlin, Professor Emeritus of Classics and Comparative Literature, Princeton University 

  105. Adi M. Ophir, Professor Emeritus, Tel Aviv University 

  106. Hasia Diner, Professor Emeritus of American Jewish History, New York University

  107. David Zonsheine, Former chairperson of B'Tselem and Courage to Refuse 

  108. Dr. Sigal Yawetz, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

  109. Dr. Dan Eshet, Salem State University

  110. Yuri Pines, Professor, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  111. Avigail Arnheim, Musical Director

  112. Dr. Theodor Bughici

  113. Robert A. Slayton, Professor Emeritus, Chapman University

  114. Diana Kormos Buchwald, Professor of History, Caltech

  115. Ronald Zweig, Taub Professor of Israel Studies (Emeritus), NYU 

  116. Daria Goren, student, Tel Aviv University

  117. Itzik Goldberger, Adjunct Professor, Saint Mary’s College

  118. David M. Mittelman, Assistant Professor of Portuguese, United States Air Force Academy (personal speech, not a statement on behalf of the U.S. Government or any agency) 

  119. Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, Princeton University

  120. Ze’ev Rosenkranz, Senior Editor, California Institute of Technology

  121. Eyal Landman, Architect and Masters student, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design 

  122. Hannah Safran, Haifa Feminist Research Center

  123. Bennett Simon, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Emeritus, Harvard University

  124. Marion Kaplan, Professor Emerita of Modern Jewish History, New York University 

  125. Dr. Ira Avneri, Tel Aviv University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  126. Renee Poznanski, Professor Emerita, Ben Gurion University of the Negev 

  127. Mark Roseman, Distinguished Professor, Indiana University Bloomington

  128. Lawrence Baron, Emeritus Professor, San Diego State University

  129. Ellanora Lerner, undergraduate student, Clark University 

  130. Joseph Zernik, Human Rights Alert NGO

  131. Ran Zwigenberg, Associate Professor of Asian Studies, History, and Jewish Studies, Penn State University

  132. Phyllis Albert, Local Affiliate, Center for European Studies. Harvard University

  133. Allon M Klein, Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School 

  134. Einor Cervone, Associate Curator, Denver Art Museum

  135. Lane Schnell, student at American University

  136. Anjuska Weil, former member of parliament, Canton of Zurich 

  137. Maria Mejia-Botero, student, University of Miami 

  138. Isabella Childress, student, University of Miami 

  139. Ranen Omer-Sherman, Endowed Chair of Jewish Studies, University of Louisville 

  140. Yair Wallach, Reader in Israeli Studies, SOAS, University of London 

  141. Ron Barkai, Professor, Tel Aviv University

  142. Rogers Brubaker, Professor of Sociology, UCLA 

  143. Liron Mor, Associate Professor, UC Irvine 

  144. Mordechai Feingold, Van Nuys Page Professor of History of Science and the Humanities, Caltech

  145. Roberta Apfel, Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School 

  146. Judith Zeitlin, William R. Kenan, Jr Professor, University of Chicago

  147. Carolyn Dean, Professor, Yale University

  148. Kenneth B. Moss, Professor, University of Chicago 

  149. Helaine Blumenthal, Ph.D. 

  150. Ziva Galili, Emerita Distinguished Professor, Rutgers University 

  151. Nili Gesser, postdoctoral fellow, Drexel University 

  152. Ian Barnard, Professor of Rhetoric and Composition, Chapman University 

  153. Shaul Magid, Professor of Jewish Studies, Dartmouth College 

  154. Aneil Rallin, former Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Composition

  155. Hagit Borer, Professor, Queen Mary University of London 

  156. Tamar Barkay, Lecturer, Tel Hai College 

  157. Zach Gershon, student, Oberlin College 

  158. Avner Cohen, Professor, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey 

  159. Renate Bridenthal, Emerita Professor at The City University of New York 

  160. Nadav Amir, postdoctoral fellow, Princeton University 

  161. Eyal Sivan, Filmmaker, Independent scholar, essayist 

  162. Omer Tamuz, Professor of Economics and Mathematics, Caltech 

  163. Ruvik Horesh, Professor (retired) 

  164. Daniel Wittenberg, student, University of Arizona 

  165. Dr. Liat Tsuman, Psychoanalytic Candidate, New York University 

  166. Zamir Shatz, artist

  167. Reshef Agam-Segal, Associate Professor, Virginia Military Institute

  168. Wu Hung, Professor, University of Chicago 

  169. Ori Yehudai, Associate Professor of History, The Ohio State University 

  170. Snait Gissis, Researcher & Teacher, Tel Aviv University 

  171. Teddy Fassberg, Tel Aviv University 

  172. Dr Moshe Behar, Herzlia/Manchester 

  173. Lisa Leitz, Delp-Wilkinson Professor of Peace Studies, Chapman University 

  174. Sahar Bostock, PhD candidate, Columbia University 

  175. Nomi Stolzenberg, Professor of Law, University of Southern California 

  176. Janice Hamer, composer, retired Visiting Associate Professor, Swarthmore College

  177. Derek Penslar, William Lee Frost Professor of Jewish History, Harvard University 

  178. Sherry Gorelick, Professor Emerita, Rutgers University 

  179. Ariela Gross, Distinguished Professor, UCLA School of Law 

  180. Mira Sucharov, Professor of Political Science, Carleton University 

  181. Katya Frischer, MD

  182. Irena Klepfisz, Barnard College, retired 

  183. J.S.Varsano, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 

  184. Ruti Margalit, Visiting Professor, Hadassah Medical School, The Hebrew University

  185. Amanda Bloom, retired Physician Associate

  186. Allon Pratt, retired teacher, Jewish Theological Seminary

  187. Shai Haran, Professor, Technion - Israeli Institute of Technology 

  188. Orly Benjamin, Professor, Bar Ilan University 

  189. Aviva Halamish, Professor, The Open University of Israel 

  190. Yofi Tirosh, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University 

  191. Rachel Zelnick-Abramovitz, Retired Professor, Tel Aviv University

  192. Avi Rubin, Associate Professor, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev 

  193. Daniel DeMalach, Lecturer, Sapir Academic College 

  194. Gila Svirsky, Former CEO, New Israel Fund in Israel 

  195. Rivka Nir Grinshtein, Lecturer, The Open University of Israel 

  196. Haggai Ram, Professor of History, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev 

  197. Elchanan Reiner, Professor Emeritus, Tel Aviv University 

  198. Harvey Goldberg, Professor Emeritus, The Hebrew University

  199. Rotem Tellem MD, Tel Aviv Medical Center, Tel Aviv University

  200. Frances Tanzer, Rose Professor of Holocaust Studies and Jewish Culture, Clark University 

  201. Rotem Geva, Lecturer, The Hebrew University

  202. Avihay Dorfman, Professor of Law, Tel Aviv University 

  203. Gilad Sharvit, Assistant Professor, Towson University 

  204. Rachman Chaim, Retired Associate Professor, Technion - Israeli Institute of Technology 

  205. Celia Wasserstein Fassberg, Professor Emerita, The Hebrew University

  206. Amal Jamal, Associate Professor of Political Science, Tel Aviv University 

  207. Shiri Regev-Messalem, Associate Professor, Bar Ilan University 

  208. Chana Kronfeld, Professor of the Graduate School and Prof. Emerita, University of California, Berkeley 

  209. Anat Ascher, Lecturer and Course Coordinator in Philosophy, The Open University of Israel

  210. Roee Kibrik, Researcher, The Hebrew University 

  211. Anat Keidar, Social Worker

  212. Natalie Davidson, Senior Lecturer, Buchman Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University 

  213. Dr. Chemi Shiff, Head of Research, Emek Shaveh 

  214. Efrat Eizenberg, Associate Professor, Technion - Israeli Institute of Technology

  215. Maxim Reider, Journalist/Photographer 

  216. Goren Hilit, Psychologist

  217. Orr Comay, PhD, Tel Aviv University 

  218. Claude Stern, Lawyer, former Stanford DCI 2020 cohort member

  219. Dr. Suzy Ben Dori

  220. Gina Ben David, Performance Artist

  221. Dr. Chen Misgav, The Open University, Israel

  222. Yoav Di-Capua, Professor of History, The University of Texas at Austin 

  223. Mr. Gilad Melzer, Beit Berl College 

  224. Maayan Padan, PhD Student, Bar Ilan University, Adjunct Lecturer, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev 

  225. Jennifer Robertson, Professor Emerita, University of Michigan  

  226. Yehouda Shenhav-Shahrabani, Professor Emeritus, Tel Aviv University 

  227. Alma Itzhaky, research fellow, Leibniz Center for Literary and Cultural Research, ZfL Berlin 

  228. Itamar Haritan, PhD Student at Cornell University

  229. Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin, Professor, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

  230. Sagit Mor, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Haifa 

  231. Rachel Kallus, Professor Emerita, Technion - Israeli Institute of Technology

  232. Ophira Gamliel, Lecturer in South Asian Religions, University of Glasgow

  233. Alon Marcus, Teaching faculty member, The Open University of Israel 

  234. Ido Roll, Associate Professor and Deputy Senior Vice President, Technion - Israeli Institute of Technology

  235. Erica Weitzman, Associate Professor, Northwestern University

  236. Simon Levis-Sullam, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

  237. Raz Chen Morris, Associate Professor, The Hebrew University

  238. Chen Bram, Research Fellow, Truman Institute, The Hebrew University 

  239. Matityaho Shemoeloff, Author and poet

  240. Gideon Freudenthal, Professor Emeritus, Tel Aviv University

  241. Uri Ram, Professor Emeritus, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev 

  242. Roii Ball, Historian, University of Münster 

  243. Edith Lutz, PhD in Jewish Studies

  244. David Winizki, MD, Zürich 

  245. Marcelo Svirsky, University of Wollongong, Australia 

  246. Chamutal Eitam, Humanitarian advisor MSF - Médecins Sans Frontières

  247. Michal Kaiser-Livne, Psychoanalyst, Berlin

  248. Na'ama Rokem, Associate Professor, University of Chicago

  249. Jenna M Gibbs, Associate Professor of History, Florida International University 

  250. Ruth Luschnat, case worker, Berlin

  251. Rafi Greenberg, Professor, Archaeology, Tel Aviv University 

  252. Jeff Peck, Professor and Dean, CUNY (retired) 

  253. Eran Fisher, Associate Professor, The Open University of Israel 

  254. Guy Bollag, Student, University of Zurich 

  255. Ruth Fruchtman, Writer and Journalist, Berlin 

  256. Leah Gruenpeter Gold, PhD candidate, Tel-Aviv University 

  257. Jonathan Zeitlin, Distinguished Faculty Professor of Public Policy and Governance Emeritus, University of Amsterdam 

  258. Dr. David Senesh, senior clinical psychologist

  259. Tal Shkedi, Student, Ono Academic College

  260. Betty Amstutz Gerson, retired teacher and writer

  261. Hadas Shintel, Lecturer in Psychology, College of Law and Business, Ramat Gan

  262. Yossi Dahan, Associate Professor, College of Law and Business, Ramat Gan 

  263. Itay Shalit, Student, Tel Aviv University

  264. Miriam Victory Spiegel, Family Therapist, Zürich

  265. Yoav Beirach, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

  266. Jeffrey B Cooper, Professor Emeritus, Harvard Medical School

  267. Tamir Swissa, Student, Tel Aviv University

  268. Hadassah Danit O'Reilly, Independent Scholar of Holocaust and Genocide

  269. Naomi Tauber, Clinical psychologist

  270. Patrick Barnard, Journalist

  271. Chiara Adorisio, Associate Professor of Philosophical Anthropology, La Sapienza University

  272. Shaul Mitelpunkt, Department of History, University of York

  273. Nadav Assor, Associate Professor of Art, Connecticut College

  274. Dorit Peleg, writer

  275. Hagar Dror Maliniek, Clinical Psychologist

  276. Naomi Weiner, Professor, David Yellin Academic College

  277. Amir Locker-Biletzki, Independent Scholar

  278. Paul Osman, Associate Professor, Harvard University 

  279. Kobi Peterzil, Professor, University of Haifa

  280. Roy Hoshen, Student, Tel Aviv University

  281. Geri Müller, President, Association Swiss Palestine, Baden, Switzerland

  282. Lily Koliner, PhD student, The Hebrew University

  283. Sharon Peled, Candidate, The Institute For Psychoanalytic Training And Research, NY

  284. Dr. Lia Eshet, Family physician

  285. Jill Hamberg, Retired Assistant Professor, SUNY Empire State University

  286. Ian Lustick, Bess W. Heyman Professor Emeritus, University of Pennsylvania

  287. Tahel Gover, Academic Librarian, University of Haifa

  288. Hadar Ahuvia, Choreographer, Rabbinical Student, Hebrew College

  289. Robert Cohen, Writer

  290. Nira Yuval-Davis, Professor Emeritus, University of East London

  291. Neta Stahl, Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins University

  292. Sasha Senderovich, Associate Professor of Slavic and Jewish Studies, University of Washington Seattle

  293. Helena Desivilya Syna, Professor Emerita, Yezreel Valley College

  294. Aram Ziai, Professor in Political Science, University of Kassel

  295. Dan W Wasserman, Graduate student, Bar-Ilan University

  296. Yanay Israeli, Assistant Professor at University of Michigan

  297. Michael Stanislawski, Nathan J. Miller Professor of History, Columbia University

  298. Clement Segal, Middle-Eastern Studies, Science Po Grenoble

  299. Barry Cohen, Associate Dean (retired), Ying Wu College of Computing, New Jersey Institute of Technology

  300. Tova Benjamin, PhD Candidate, New York University

  301. Vanessa Tor, Theater Director

  302. Mikhal Dekel, Distinguished Professor, City College of New York

  303. John P Pittman, Associate Professor, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY

  304. Joshua Schreier, Professor of History, Vassar College

  305. Susan Shapiro, Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst

  306. Alana M. Vincent, Associate Professor, History of Religion, Umeå University

  307. Joshua Shanes, Professor, College of Charleston

  308. Michael G Levine, Professor, Rutgers University

  309. Allison Mickel, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Lehigh University

  310. Jonathan Buchsbaum, Professor Emeritus, Media Studies, Queens College, City University of New York

  311. Dan Simon, Professor of Law and Psychology, University of Southern California

  312. Rudolf Schär, Alumnus, ETH Zürich

  313. Avner Baz, Professor, Tufts University

  314. Mordehai Amihai Bivas, Ambassador (Rt.)

  315. David Haig, Professor, Harvard University

  316. Rachel Kapeliuk Azgad, Psychoanalyst

  317. Avivit Ballas Baranes, Artist and Lecturer

  318. Clifford Kulwin, Rabbi Emeritus, Temple B’nai Abraham, Livingston, NJ

  319. Dor Yaccobi, PhD Candidate, Tel Aviv University

  320. Nathaniel Berman, Professor, Religious Studies, Brown University

  321. Sam Fleischacker, LAS Distinguished Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago

  322. Avner Wishnitzer, Professor of Middle Eastern History, Tel Aviv University

  323. Vardit Rispler-Chaim, Associate Professor, University of Haifa (retired)

  324. Anita Bardin, Retired Director, Shiluv Family Therapy Institute

  325. Philip Prinz, Professor Emeritus, San Francisco State University

  326. Dr. Einat Davidi, Senior Lecturer, University of Haifa

  327. Rivka Ribak, Associate Professor, Department of Communication, University of Haifa

  328. Dr. Lian Malki-Schubert

  329. Joy Ladin, Writer and teacher

  330. Margaret Schabas, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, Professor, University of British Columbia

  331. Robert Weinberg, Professor of History, Swarthmore College

  332. Gal Gvili, Associate Professor, McGill University

  333. Tamar Shochat, Professor, University of Haifa

  334. Nora North, Retired, NYC Department of Education

  335. Anat Prior, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Haifa

  336. Frances Geteles, Professor Emerita, City College, NY

  337. Anna Gutgarts, Research Member, University of Haifa

  338. David Hall, Illustrator

  339. Edna Gorney, Lecturer, Haifa University (retired)

  340. Alan Tansman, Professor, University of California, Berkeley

  341. Paula Varsano, Professor, University of California, Berkeley

  342. Dr Yohai Hakak, Senior Lecturer, Brunel University London 

  343. Michael Sfard, Human Rights Lawyer

  344. Ayla Matalon, Former Lecturer at Technion MBA Program

  345. Linda Dirtmar, Professor Emerita at the University of Massachusetts

  346. Pamela Burdman, Executive Director, Just Equations

  347. Dorit Avnir, Doctor of Arts, Art Therapist

  348. Ruth Ben-Artzi, Associate Professor of Political Science, Providence College

  349. Pini Herman, Past Research Associate Professor, University of Southern California 

  350. Rawia Aburabia, Assistant Professor of Law, Sapir Academic College

  351. Danny Rubinstein, Journalist and author

  352. Dorit Barchana-Lorand, Kibbutzim College of Education and the Arts

  353. Naftali Kaminski, Professor of Medicine, Yale University

  354. Natasha Gordinsky, Senior lecturer, University of Haifa

  355. Brigitte Hahn, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

  356. Shelley Berlowitz, PhD, Alumna University of Konstanz

  357. Zur Shalev, Professor, University of Haifa

  358. Sheer Ganor, Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

  359. Leon Duveen, Chair Lib Dems (UK) for Peace in the Middle East

  360. Elisabeth Goldwyn, Professor, Haifa University

  361. Patrick Macklem, Professor Emeritus of Law, University of Toronto

  362. Shir Alon, Assistant professor at the University of Minnesota

  363. Ori Goldbergת Assistanא Professor, Reichman University

  364. Nadje Al-Ali, Professor of Anthropology and Middle East Studies, Watson Institute for International & Public Affairs

  365. Marc Caplan, (APL) Professor, Heinrich-Heine University

  366. Batja P. Guggenheim-Ami, Professor emeritus, FHSG St.Gall Switzerland

  367. Menachem Elimelech, Professor, Yale University

  368. Laura Levitt, Professor of Religion, Jewish Studies, and Gender, Temple University

  369. Moshe Zuckermann, Professor of History and Philosophy, Tel Aviv University

  370. Alessandro Treves, Professor at SISSA, Trieste

  371. David Blanc, Professor of Mathematics, University of Haifa

  372. Jeremiah Riemer, former Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

  373. Edy Kaufman, Professor, M.A. Peace and Conflict Management, University of Haifa

  374. Elly Levy, Attorney

  375. Mark Fichman, Associate Professor Emeritus, Carnegie Mellon University

  376. Cara Rock-Singer, Assistant Professor at UW Madison

  377. Iris Kaminski, Environmental Scientist, New Haven

  378. Michael Hiller, Former board member, Grundrechtekomitee (Committee for Basic Rights)

  379. Andras Hamori, Professor Emeritus, Princeton University

  380. Sandro Ventura, Psychiatrist

  381. A. Kedem, PhD student, Hifa University

  382. Seth Schwartz, Professor of History and Classics, Columbia University

  383. Ellen Weiss, Children's book author

  384. Nir Friedman, Professor, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  385. Steve Fassberg, Professor of Hebrew Language, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  386. Amos Laor, Labor union lawyer

  387. Dennis Jett, Professor, Penn State University

  388. Benny Miller, Professor of International Relations, Haifa University

  389. Itamar Shachar, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Hasselt University

  390. Or Simovitch, Arts Educator

  391. Ran Shauli, Faculty member, Bar Ilan University

  392. Marcos Silber, Associate Professor, Department of Jewish History, University of Haifa

  393. Alice Robinson, Psychotherapist

  394. Israel Charny, Professor of Psychology Hebrew University (retired)

  395. Sana Knaneh, LSE Alumni, London

  396. Uri Amir Koren, PhD student, Rutgers University

  397. Itamar Kastner, Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh

  398. Rosabel Kurth, Student, Carnegie Mellon University

  399. Gil Gambash, Professor, University of Haifa

  400. Mark Siegel, Professor, Yale University

  401. Ellen Shaler, alum, University of Michigan

  402. Richard Strier, Professor Emeritus, University of Chicago

  403. Sigall Horovitz, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  404. Candice Breitz, Professor, HBK Braunschweig, Germany

  405. Mabel Stilman Kolesas, Librarian

  406. Ram Reshef, Senior lecturer, University of Haifa

  407. Dr. Barbara Landau, Lawyer, Psychologist, Mediator, Co-founder J-Link International Network & Co-Chair Canadian Association of Jews and Muslims

  408. Baruch Eitam, Associate Professor, University of Haifa

  409. Marianne Hirschberg, Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences, University of Kassel, Germany

  410. Claire Bergen, Rabbinic Student, International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism

  411. Sandra Meiri, Senior Lecturer Emerita, The Open University of Israel

  412. Zackary Berger, Associate Professor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Core Faculty, Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics

  413. Igal Ezraty, Jaffa Theatre Director

  414. Michal Kofman, Associate Professor (Term) of sociology, University of Louisville

  415. Avraham Oz, Professor, University of Haifa