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Dispatches From the Culture Wars – June 4, 2024

Voting and fighting

On May 4, 1970, Ohio chose to use its militarized National Guard against the students of Kent State University. Will fear and a commitment to the status quo of a U.S.-funded war machine lead Ohio to make the same mistakes again? Credit, Ohio Women’s Alliance
  1. MAGAt Violence
  2. Spain’s Vox and the Global Far Right
  3. Kent State Students Demand Divestment
  4. Legal Attack on Pregnant Women
  5. Disabled Access the Vote
  6. Pandemic of Loneliness
  7. Climate and Techno-Science
  8. DOJ Takes Action Against Attacks on Abortion Centers
  9. West Hollywood Pride Marchers Speak
  10. Idahos Republicans


MAGAt Violence

By Julia Conley
Common Dreams

As supporters of Donald Trump flood right-wing platforms with threats against the jurors and judge following guilty verdicts Thursday in his criminal case regarding hush money payments, fears are growing that the influence the Republican presumptive presidential nominee has over his supporters will soon lead to violence.

Spain’s Vox and the Global Far Right

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By Eoghan Gilmartin

Spain’s Vox party hosted a rally featuring far-right leaders from around the world, including everyone from Marine Le Pen to Javier Milei. It shows how coordinated the movement is becoming — and how Vox is playing a central role.

Kent State Students Demand Divestment

By Camille Tinnin and Magdalen Weiss-Vopat
Waging Nonviolence

Simply by disclosing its investment portfolio, Kent State has shown itself to be a leader. Students across the country are fighting for disclosure and divestment. We have disclosure. We have researched alternatives. All the board needs to do is listen.

Legal Attack on Pregnant Women

By Jill Filipovic

The treatment of pregnant women primarily as vessels for a fetus, and the stripping of otherwise applicable rights and protections from women because of their pregnant status, underlies the entire ideology of the anti-abortion movement.

Disabled Access the Vote

By Marianne Dhenin

As the general election nears, disability-led organizations like Detroit Disability Power are scaling up their efforts to combat common barriers to the ballot box for disabled voters. While one in four adults nationwide has a disability, there remain significant gaps in voting access for this demographic.

Pandemic of Loneliness

By Andrea Mazzarino

In such an ongoing climate of isolation, anger and underdevelopment, there seem few safe and accessible ways for Americans to gather peacefully anymore. Current protests say everything about the ability of disaffected young voters to claim space and connect around common values, even in the face of a militarized police response. 

Climate and Techno-Science

By Jason W. Moore
The Baffler

Environmentalism has become a cause for reform-minded tinkerers who imagine eco-alternatives and fixes of every kind—save those that would wrest power from the few and democratize the web of life.

DOJ Takes Action to Defend Abortion Centers

By Abigail Ramirez
Feminist Majority Foundation

The Department of Justice filed a lawsuit on Monday, May 20 in the Northern District of Ohio against Citizens for a Pro Life Society, Red Rose Rescue, as well as seven individuals for violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act. The FACE Act “prohibits threats of force, obstruction, and property damage intended to interfere with reproductive health care services.” 

West Hollywood Pride Marchers Speak

By Jireh Deng
Los Angeles Times

Although West Hollywood Pride definitely has a commercial side, Hollywood resident Tim Armitage said he’d noticed a shift in recent years toward a more local vibe, with a greater focus on nonprofits and service organizations. In 2020, West Hollywood and L.A. Pride split, resulting in two weekend festivals that have to compete for headline acts and corporate sponsorships. With two parades, there’s more space for neighborhood groups to shine.

Idaho’s Republicans

By Audrey Dutton

The heavily Republican state booted 15 incumbents across the party’s ideological spectrum. While the election led to net gains for hard-line members of the right, it also underscores how divided Idaho’s party remains.