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Thomas Piketty’s Case for ‘Participatory Socialism’

Ezra Klein New York Times
Piketty’s new book, “A Brief History of Equality,” is perhaps his most optimistic work. Piketty proposes a truly radical policy agenda — a universal minimum inheritance, worker control over the boards of corporations and “confiscatory” levels of wealth and income taxation — that he calls “participatory socialism.”

Between Capitalism and Community a Review by Paul Buhle

Paul Buhle Monthly Review
To good effect, he argues that a revolution is gained only by practice: “we have to practice socialism…have to go about building it in practice,” a practice that changes the socialists themselves, through the relation of community and solidarity .

Why Is Socialism Becoming Less Scary?

Peter Dreier Talking Points Memo
A look at the new documentary, “The Big Scary ‘S’ Word” in which director Yael Bridge explores how socialist ideas that were once considered radical are now taken for granted by most Americans.

The Enduring Power of Anticapitalism in American Politics

Jamelle Bouie The New York Times
From Debs to Sanders to Ocasio-Cortez, an ideal persists. If Sanders actually makes it to the White House, then he’ll be able to continue this work from the summit of American politics. If he doesn’t, then unlike Debs, he’ll have a natural successor.


A World to Win: A Utopian Vision of Communism's Techno-future

Sarah Jaffe Bookforum
Fascism may be resurging, but so is socialism. Yet what would a genuine post-scarcity, egalitarian, democratic, communist society look like? The author thinks he knows, offering tantalizing if evanescent glimpses that tweak the imagination.

Planning from Below

Marta Harnecker and José Bartolomé Monthly Review
A Decentralized Participatory Planning Proposal


The Socialist Imperative from Gotha to Now

Kai-Li Cheng Marx & Philosophy Review of Books
Thinking about how the lessons of the 20th Century might inform a socialist vision for our times is the task the author of this book has set for himself. Reviewer Kai-Li Cheng offers an assessment.
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