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Markets in the Next System

Jesse A. Myerson The Next System Project
Almost from the very beginning of human history, there were markets.

Tidbits - September 3, 2015 - Unions and BDS; Farm worker Rebellion; Cornel West; Solidarity Confinement Victory; Drones in Dakota; lots of announcements...

Reader Comments: U.S. Trade Union Support for BDS; Pacific Coast Farm Worker Rebellion; Cornel West - Sanders, Trump and BLM; Selma - Site of National Dumping; North Dakota Legalizes Drone Strikes; Solidarity Confinement Victory in California; Israel, Iran; Sex Trade, Sex Workers and Amnesty International; Announcements: - New App for Worker Rights; Charleston, Chicago, Brooklyn, Bay Area, New York


“In Cuba, We’re Not a Bit Afraid,”

Maïté Pinero l'Humanite in English
Worker participation does not consist in attendance at purely formal meetings but rather in taking part in real discussions about wages, training, conditions at work. We use no shock therapy. Changes cannot be decreed, they are first debated by all the workers, by the whole population. We are proud of Cuban workers' capacity for resistance, for creativity. We are aware of the issues at stake and we are confident. We, Cubans, are not a bit afraid!

Venezuela: The Economic Battle

Laura Bécquer Paseiro Granma (Cuba)
Inflation, devaluation of the local currency and falling oil prices have marked the Venezuelan economy in recent years. To better understand the situation, Granma interviewed Alfredo Serrano Mancilla, PhD Economist, director of the Latin American Strategic Center of Geopolitics (CELAG), and author of the book, The Economic Thought of Hugo Chávez.

Popular Movements Toward Socialism: Their Unity and Diversity

Samir Amin; Editors of Monthly Review Monthly Review - June 2014
Samir Amin writes "the movement toward socialism" is a new stage in the decades old struggle of humankind for a more just and equitable society, since the time that Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels first wrote the Communist Manifesto in 1848. Introduction by the editors of Monthly Review on attempt to bring together a variety of global struggles under the rubric of the "movement toward socialism,"

The Cold War that Threatens Democracy

Tom Hayden The Peace & Justice Resource Center
This new Cold War is not about communism taking over the world. It is more about returning to 19th century balance of power interests, borrowing the phrase John Kerry has used against Putin. It is about dividing up the spoils of the first Cold War among the triumphal capitalist democracies, as if Russia is defeated and short-lived. Pushing Western capitalism and NATO towards Russia was sure to touch off the current escalation, and worse may come.


Interview with Michael Lebowitz & Readers Comment

We talked with Michael about the contemporary crisis and the possibilities of overcoming it, about the experiences and contradictions that characterized the societies of “real socialism” in the 20th century, and also about the possibilities of building a socialist alternative that would not be limited within the boundaries set by similar attempts in the last century.
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