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Reckoning With the AFL-CIO’s Imperialist History

Jeff Schuhrke Jacobin
Over the past century, the US government repeatedly disrupted leftist movements and supported or carried out coups around the world - aided by American labor leaders. A full reckoning with the AFL-CIO’s collaboration with US imperialism can help us.

How Cuban Art Fed Africa's Liberation Struggles

An exhibition of Cuban propaganda posters and magazines in London shows the support Fidel Castro gave to African liberation movements during the Cold War. The works were produced by 33 designers, many of them women.


Supporting Dictators is NOT Anti-Imperialism

Meredith Tax ROAR
Fed -up with the imperial adventures of their own western capitalist governments, some radicals wrongly side with foreign dictators in the name of anti-imperialism. The book under review aims to move beyond a disabling “the West and the rest” binary.

Forty years of Iran’s unfinished revolution

Mohammad Omidvar Morning Star
An interview with Mohammad Omidvar, spokesperson of the Tudeh Party and editor of ‘Nameh Mardom’, the party's central organ, on the 40th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution.

Cuba’s First Military Doctors

Don Fitz Monthly Review
Cuban engagement in Africa left profound impacts, both on the host countries and on the Cubans who went.

New Year, Same Crisis: Prepare for Imperialism's Terror and Carnage in 2016

Danny Haiphong Black Agenda Report
“Fewer workers are producing more and working longer hours, yet all workers have seen their conditions fall immensely over the last forty years.” This crisis must be understood if the forces of progress around the world hope to unite toward the goal of social transformation and revolution.

It's Time We Have a Holiday to Honor Those Who Try to Stop Wars Too

Dylan Matthews Vox
American history is littered with examples of pointless wars fought for bad reasons, and with people who risked their careers and their freedom to oppose them. some wars aren't worth fighting. Some causes aren't worth sacrificing American lives for. Those who've fought to remind the government of those basic facts deserve our respect and our thanks.

Anti-Imperialist Political Thesis of Cochabamba

Jordan Bishop and Federico Fuentes, translators The Bullet
At its closing plenary session, the conference adopted an “Anti-Imperialist political thesis,” published below, outlining an “anti-imperialist, anti-colonial and anti-capitalist” strategy aimed at pointing the way toward a socialist world order. It is a strong statement of solidarity with anti-imperialist liberation movements and the “process of change” in Bolivia and other Latin American countries.
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