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Mobile, Alabama, Just Diluted the Black Vote Through Annexation

Ryan Zickgraf Jacobin
Last week’s annexation vote in Mobile, Alabama, added thousands of white residents, reducing the black-white voter gap in the majority-minority city. It’s an effective strategy used by city elites to artificially inflate conservative political power.

Georgia and its Long History of Voter Suppression

Jesse Jackson Chicago Sun-Times
Voters purged are likely to be “young voters, voters of lower income and citizens of racial groups that have been denied their sacred right to vote in the past,” a report from the Georgia American Civil Liberties Union states.

The Black Vote and Mr. Trump

Gary Phillips The Stansbury Forum
While I find comfort in Malcolm X’s observation to better have a processed head than a processed mind, this election reminds us of the often stated point that African Americans are not a monolith any more than other ethnic or racial groups...

The Other Swing Voter

Ibram X. Kendi The Atlantic
No one’s paying much attention to one chunk of the electorate that could prove decisive in 2020. To recognize the other swing voter is to decenter the white moderate in the body politic—where she and especially he has been positioned.
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