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Outrage at Boeing Spurs Reformers’ Bid For Top Spots in Machinists Union

Jon Flanders Talking Union
Reformers will challenge the Machinists Union leadership in a membership election to take place in June. The recent contract at Boeing which included significant pension givebacks despite record profits at Boeing is one of the major spurs behind the oppositions campaign.


The Flying News

Harold Meyerson The American Prospect
Boeing workers ratify contract in close vote. NYU graduate workers vote to unionize in overwhelming vote. In a contest between mobile capital and a skilled workforce the workers at Boeing were at a distinct disadvantage. At NYU after years of frustration due to unfair labor laws the UAW and the graduates students prevailed through skilled organizing and perseverance.


Obama Administration Stays Quiet as Boeing Strikes Major Blow to Pensions

MIKE ELK Working In These Times
The loss of pensions at Boeing marks a major setback for unions, as employers typically follow the example of other employers at the bargaining table in terms of what constitutes a reasonable demand. Since the financial crash, unions have given up pensions for new hires at large, profitable, industry trendsetters such as General Electric, Verizon, Honeywell and now, Boeing.


'Cheers And Jeers' As Boeing Machinists Narrowly OK Contract

MARK MEMMOTT National Public Radio blog
With 51 percent of the 24,000 or so local machinists who voted saying yes to the pact, Boeing's " 'best and final' offer [now] guarantees assembly of the next 777 widebody jet and the fabrication of the plane's carbon-fiber wing" will be done at plants in the Puget Sound region.


Machinists Union Local Set to Vote on Boeing Contract

Maria La Ganga and W.J. Hennigan Los Angeles Times
Machinists, firefighters, Teamsters and other union members crowded into Meeting Hall B of the IAM's Seattle offices Thursday afternoon, just 13 hours before voting was scheduled to begin. They waved signs urging "Vote No," "Stop the War on Workers" and "Don't Sell Your Soul!"


IAM Disrtict 751 Urges Rejection of Boeing Offer

IAM District 751
If you have not already heard, we want to let you know that the International is forcing a vote on Boeing’s latest proposal on January 3, 2014. Due to the massive takeaways, your District 751 leadership is united with a recommendation that you reject this proposal. You need to look at the facts of the economic destruction you would have to live under for the next 11 years, without any opportunity to change any provisions of the contract.


The Battle for Seattle

Zach Cunnigham Talking Union
Raising the floor for our lowest-paid workers is an absolute necessity, and continued victories in this area should be a priority for workers everywhere. However, these victories are not enough by themselves. For community-labor coalitions to reach their full potential, they must go beyond the political agenda that Richard Trumka outlined prior to the AFL-CIO’s convention. They must also be able to defend the gains that unionized workers have already won.

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Bruce Plante - Tulsa World Cagle

Bold Boeing Workers Refuse to Screw Over Next Generation

Richard Kirsch Next New Deal, Salon
By rejecting a contract that amounted to corporate extortion, employees have taken a stand for the middle class. In making their case, the members who organized against the contract focused on the fact that they would be giving up "hard fought contract negotiations and strikes by generations of Fighting Machinists that came before us. " They warned, "Boeing is hoping you will deny the next generation many of the benefits we have today."
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