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GOP Treason Is Stalking Democracies Around the World

Thom Hartmann The Hartmann Report
And it’s damn well past time that the people who conceived and ordered and facilitated the execution of this crime against all the rest of us are held to account in a meaningful way

Media Bits and Bytes - August 27, 2019

Big Tech's Taxes; Hacking Elections; Epoch Times; Brazil Blackout; Internet's Cleaning Crew; Israel's App; Online Tributes to Palestinian Grandmothers; Cherrypicking Tweets to Make a Media Myth

Global Left Midweek - May 22, 2019

Elections: India, Philippines, South Africa, EU * Europe's Social Democrats * Gay Marriage in Taiwan * Brazil vs Bolisaro * Iran's Working Class

Global Left Midweek - September 26, 2018

Brazilian Women Represent, Corbyn and Antisemitism, Cuba and Racism, Québec Solidaire, Left Unity in India, Poland's Rising Star, South African Workers Divided


Brazil Update and Labor's Declining Share of National Income

Yana Marull and Bruce Bartlett
Brazilian President met with national union leaders to discuss their demands in an effort to avoid a July 11th general strike. Unions are seeking a reduced work day, stronger pensions, and increased resources directed to health and education. Also, new research reveals that workers' declining share of national income, due to technology-related productivity increases, is an international problem. Two articles are presented below.
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