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Bringing the Supply Chain Back Home

Robert Kuttner New York Review of Books
Is Biden ready to insist that national economic planning is not just ideologically permissible but urgently necessary?

Here Are the 6 House Democrats That Voted No

John L. Dorman Business Insider
"Conservative Democrats are trying to tell my community that we should just shut up and accept a half deal," Rep. C. Bush tweeted. "... We won't accept anything less than the President's full agenda."

Why Is U.S. Military Spending Increasing to New, Outlandish Levels?

Lawrence S. Wittner History News Network
Critics of the Biden administration’s Build Back Better plan to increase funding for U.S. education, healthcare, and action against climate catastrophe say the U.S. can’t afford it, there are no such qualms about ramping up funding for the military.
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