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Windows, Meltdown and Spectre: Keep Calm and Carry on

Woody Leonhard Computerworld
There’s no need to panic over the lavishly publicized Meltdown and Spectre security holes. Behind the bellicose roars of certain doom, a handful of important facts stand out.

Friday Nite Videos | September 1, 2017

IRS Criminal Unit Aiding Mueller Investigation. Stevie Ray Vaughan and BB King | Texas Flood. Myths and Facts About Superintelligent AI. Nurse Dragged From Hospital By Police. Sheriff Joe Arpaio: The Daily Show.

The World's Oldest Computer is Still Revealing its Secrets

Sarah Kaplan Washington Post
In this very small volume of messed-up corroded metal you have packed in there enough knowledge to fill several books telling us about ancient technology, ancient science and the way these interacted with the broader culture of the time.

Open Source Software Went Nuclear This Year

Cade Metz Wired
Even the most powerful tech companies and entrepreneurs are freely sharing the code underlying their latest technologies. They recognize this will accelerate not only the progress of technology as a whole, but their own progress as well. It’s altruism with self-interest. And it’s how the tech world now works.

The Bicentennial of George Boole, the Man Who Laid the Foundations of the Digital Age

Colm Mulcahy Scientific American
It wasn’t until almost a century after Boole’s pioneering work that the world caught up. Both Victor Shestakov at Moscow State University in 1935 and Claude Shannon at MIT in 1937 proposed using Boolean logic to design electrical switches, the latter’s work paving the way for a major shift in electrical engineering in the USA. By late 1948, Shannon had introduced what we now know as information theory, and digital computers soon followed.

The Rise of Computer-Aided Explanation

Michael Nielsen Quanta Magazine
Computers can translate French and prove mathematical theorems. But can they make deep conceptual insights into the way the world works?
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