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Department of Wackadoodle

Mark Joseph Stern Slate
The DOJ’s new anti-gay legal posture just got shut down in federal court.

The Chicago Dyke March, and Questions of Anti-Zionism, Anti-Semitism, and Pinkwashing

Chicago Jewish Voice for Peace; IfNotNow Chicago
The Chicago Dyke March, the annual gay rights march without corporate sponsorship has anti-racist core values. In the march's Jewish contingent were Jews who were Zionists, and anti-Zionists, but who supported gay and Palestinian rights. There was an incident involving a few who did not support Palestinian rights, and a massive debate and controversy has evolved. Here are statements from Jewish Voice for Peace and IfNotNow, supporting the position of CDMC.

The Rebel Who Came In From the Cold: The Tainted Career of Bayard Rustin

James Creegan Portside
Black History Month is a time for looking back on the civil rights movement and the lives of its pioneers. One of them was a man whose name is far less widely known than those of Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks or James Farmer. He was Bayard Rustin, whom some have sought to celebrate in recent years as an unsung hero of the movement, one who never received his due recognition because he was gay.

The Transformative Power of Democratic Uprisings - In Praise of Impractical Movements

Mark Engler and Paul Engler Tom Dispatch
Can disruptive social movements change the world or are we better served by take-it-slow, wait-a-year-or-more-to-speak-up, incremental change? Mark and Paul Engler make a case for the former, arguing in their new book, This Is an Uprising: How Nonviolent Revolt Is Shaping the Twenty-First Century, that supposed pragmatism often stands in the way of genuine progress. The grand slogan of Paris, 1968 -- "Be realistic, demand the impossible" -- is sage and sober advice.

Missing Portside Posts - Saturday and Sunday

Portside Moderator Portside
Portside's posts did not go out as scheduled Saturday and Sunday. Our service provider, May First, upgraded all of their servers Saturday, to prevent coordinated hacking and DOS - Denial of Service attacks. Unfortunately there were conflicts between the new server software and the software that Portside uses to send posts. We have identified the problem, and are now working to correct it. Below is an Index of the posts that were posted to our website over the weekend.

It Didn't Start with Stonewall

Peter Montgomery The American Prospect
A new history deepens our understanding of the origins of the gay rights movement and the transformation it has brought about.

KY County Issues Same-Sex Marriage Licenses After Kim Davis Is Jailed

Jaime Fuller NY Mag
The Rowan County, KY, clerk's office issued a marriage license to Will Smith and James Yates this morning. Five of the six deputy clerks in the office say they will comply with the court order to give out licenses while county clerk Kim Davis is in jail. Kim Davis' husband Joe, meanwhile, remains defiant. “Just because five Supreme Court judges make a ruling, it’s not a law," he said.

Pastor Dewey Smith: Homosexuality

Dewey Smith, Jr., the Senior Pastor of The House of Hope Atlanta, has some impassioned words on sexuality, keeping it real, religion, and the real life of the church.

Friday Nite Videos -- July 17, 2015

Ninth Rock From the Sun. War / No More Trouble. Elizabeth Warren Keynotes Netroots Nation. Film: Do I Sound Gay? "Our Selma!" March for Voting Rights
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