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Dispatches From the Culture Wars - November 26, 2019

Blade Runner is Now / Liberals and Woke Culture / Clean White Nationalism / The Right to Sanitation / Rabid Against Reproductive Rights / Kids for School Desegregation / ICE vs Black Sheriffs / Bella Ciao!


High Schooler Says 'No One Should Have to Eat Alone"

Steve Hartman CBS News
Denis Estimon spreads the message of "We Dine Together." When Denis Estimon, a Haitian immigrant, came here in first grade, he felt isolated -- especially at lunch. In high school, he started a club called "We Dine Together" and is now opening chapters in schools around the country.

Tidbits - January 4, 2018 - Reader Comments: Extreme Poverty Returns; GOP Tax Robbery; Bitcoin; Iran; Nuclear Tests; Recy Taylor; High School Protests; Immigrant Rights; Climate Change and the Left; and more....

Reader Comments: Extreme Poverty Returns; GOP Tax Robbery; Bitcoin; Iran; U.S. Nuclear Tests; Rape of Recy Taylor; Puerto Rico; High School Protests; Yemen; Global Refugees; Cold War history of immigrant rights; Story of Ferdinand; Correction: Subversive Involvement: Chicago and HUAC - Tribute to Dr. Quentin Young; Climate Change and the Left; and more....

High School Football Inc.

Jere Longman New York Times
What happens when corporate America appropriates high school football . . .

'Love Has No Color': Georgia High School Students Set to Hold First Integrated Prom

A group of Georgia high school students are making history by challenging the segregation of their high school prom. Thanks to their efforts and the support of groups like the NAACP, Wilcox County High is holding its first-ever integrated prom nearly 60 years after Brown v. Board of Education desegregated the nation’s school system.

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