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After Homosexuality

Kate Redburn Dissent
This book is "an ambitious retelling of the history of capitalism through the politics of gay sex, arrives just in time to help dissuade us of the idea that we have reached the end of gay history."

Why Does Essential Work Pay So Little... And Cost So Much?

Rebecca Gordon TomDispatch
bus driver waering mask and gloves Students tend to measure fair compensation on two scales. How many years of training and/or dollars of tuition did a worker have to invest to become “qualified” for the job? And how important is that worker’s labor to the rest of society?


The World Come of Age

Tyler Davis Reading Religion
This timely study, writes reviewer Davis, "recovers the theoretical integrity and conceptual complexity of a movement often reduced to the practical challenges it presented to establishment theologies."


Fascism and the Masses: The Revolt against the Last Humans, 1848-1945

Tony McKenna Marx & Philosophy Review of Books
This new examination of the rise of Fascism focuses on how the expansion of democratic rights, the reaction to that expansion in the realms of philosophy and culture, and how that reaction fueled Nazi and other Fascist ideology.

Mapping American Social Movements Through the 20th Century

Mapping American Social Movements University of Washington
Mapping Social Movements Through the 20th Century, a project directed by Professor James N. Gregory, allows us to see where social movements were active and where not, helping us better understand patterns of influence and endurance. It exposes new dimensions of American political geography, showing how locales that in one era fostered certain kinds of social movements often changed political colors over time.

Remembering Che on the 50th Anniversary of his Assassination

James D. Cockcroft James Cockcroft's Blog
2017 is the 50th anniversary of the CIA-ordered assassination of Che Guevara. In light of a recent upsurge in denunciations of Che and the Cuban Revolution, it is important to separate fact from fiction. Here are 5 important points to take into account, all in historical context, drawn from countless reliable sources, especially the References at the end of this article.
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