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The World Come of Age

Tyler Davis Reading Religion
This timely study, writes reviewer Davis, "recovers the theoretical integrity and conceptual complexity of a movement often reduced to the practical challenges it presented to establishment theologies."

Pope Francis and the Battle Over Cultural Terrain

Gary Olson Counterpunch
From the outset of his papacy, Francis sought to alter the landscape by vocalizing how capitalism is the primary cause of social injustice. In doing so he became a marked man. We’re witnessing one site in the larger struggle for cultural terrain.

Anti-Nuke Activists Get Years Behind Bars While 'Real Crime' Continues

Andrea Germanos, Common Dreams staff writer Common Dreams
Injustice in Knoxville - Anti-war trio took part in plowshares action in 2012 at the Y-12 Highly-Enriched Uranium Manufacturing nuclear weapons production facility. An 84-year old nun and two others were just sentenced to up to five years in jail.

The Catholic Left 45 Years Later

Ted Glick Ted Glick's Future Hope
John and Bonnie Raines played an active role in the Media action that uncovered the FBI Cointelpro files. That they were willing to take this risk even with their responsibilities as parents of three young children is very moving, very inspiring. They were clearly about a much higher responsibility to their children, the responsibility of providing an example of someone who is willing to take reasonable risks for justice, peace and the common good.

Pope Francis and the Radical Jesus

John L. Allen, Jr.; Jim Williams
Pope Francis, in his messages and appointments, seems to be steering the Roman Catholic Church into more moderate terrain, away from some of the conservative ideological interpretations of the recent period. Jim Williams reviews The Radical Jesus. "Who was Jesus anyway? What did his life and teaching mean? There are so many views - from the Religious Right to Rev. Cornell West. My view is that Jesus is whoever you want him to be. You can find the quotes to fit."

Will the Next Pope Embrace Liberation Theology?

Mark Engler Dissent
Will the next pope embrace liberation theology? The conventional answer would be: fat chance. However, without going too far out on a limb, one could also answer in the affirmative. In their own ways, both responses will likely be correct.
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