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The New UAW Is Ready To Fight the Big 3 Automakers

Alex N. Press Jacobin
This week, the UAW presented proposals to automakers in contract negotiations covering some 150,000 workers. Autoworkers want big raises, an end to tiers, and the right to strike over plant closures — and conditions appear favorable for them to win.

The Ukraine Conundrum

Harold Meyerson The American Prospect
Democrats ask ‘what’s the endgame,’ then withdraw the question (which nonetheless persists).


‘We Are Not Done Yet’: Railroad Track Workers Reject Deal

Jonah Furman Labor Notes
After a tentative agreement between railroad companies and unions was reached earlier this year, political leaders acted like the deal was settled. But thousands of rail workers just voted it down — which could put a national railroad strike back on the table.

Peace Talks Essential As War Rages On in Ukraine

Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J.S. Davies CODEPINK
For those who say negotiations are impossible, we have only to look at the talks that took place during the first month after the Russian invasion, when Russia and Ukraine tentatively agreed to a fifteen-point peace plan in talks mediated by Turkey.


Cloud 9 Attempts to Unionize in 'Superstore'

Eryn Murphy CheatSheet
Superstore illustrates the precarious nature of unions in a retail environment with an episode that takes on the vagaries of organizing and negotiations.


GE Begins Union Contract Talks

Business Wire
Representatives of 11 different unions have begun negotiations with General Electric Co. This will be the first round of negotiations since GE announced their return to being a manufacturing company and the selling off of GE's financial companies.

Recognizing Israel as a Jewish State is like saying the US is a White State

Juan Cole Informed Consent
Saying Israel is a Jewish state in the sense of observant believers would be like asserting that the United States is a Christian state even though about 22% of the population does not identify as Christian (roughly the same proportion as non-Jews in Israel). The point of the US first amendment is to forbid the state to to “establish” a religion.
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