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New Voices for Peace by Jews in Gaza, and in the Jewish Daily Forward

Julia Chaitin; J.J. Goldberg
Plea for peace from Julia Chaitin, a kibbutzim who teaches in Israel, and lives near Gaza. She and some Israelis are challenging the endless hatred and violence practiced by both sides. She is joined by some Palestinians. Together they care for each other, that there is a way forward around the violence. J.J. Goldberg, writing in the Jewish Daily Forward charges that the Israeli Gaza onslaught is built on lies, and the heavier responsibility lies on Netanyahu government.

Will Progress Follow Process in Israel-Palestine?

Carl Bloice Foreign Policy in Focus
In the upcoming Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, the issue will be what it has always been: will there be an end to the Israeli occupation and an agreement on the borders of a Palestinian state?

Obama in Israel: A Fine Speech, an Unfortunate Change & Not Much Hope

Carl Bloice, Black Commentator Editorial Board Black Commentator
President Obama said a lot of the things that need to be said in his address to Israeli students last week. For that he is due credit. His description of the cause and aspirations of the Palestinian people was on target. The problem is that the overall effect of his latest trip to the Middle East represented a step backwards.
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