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The Time Has Come for Congress to Dismantle the USOC

Lindsay Gibbs ThinkProgress
The newest investigation into the enabling of Larry Nassar paints a picture of an organization that is beyond repair. The organization was willing to overlook everything, as long as programs, like gymnastics were bringing in new medals and money.

Tidbits - February 8, 2018 - Reader Comments: Nunes Memo; Puerto Rico; Union Membership; Medicare for All; Teaching Slavery; Antonio Gramsci; Trump's Military Parade - in song; Olympic Truce Actions; Scholarships for Young Activists; and more ....

Reader Comments: Nunes Memo - Big Dud; Puerto Rico - many still without power; Union Membership Growth...Amidst Decline; Medicare for All - Canadian Readers Tell Their Story; Teaching Slavery; Antonio Gramsci; Trump's Military Parade - in song; Olympic Truce Actions; Cuba's Historic Literacy Campaign; The Puerto Rican Socialist Party; Scholarships for Young Activists; 50th Anniversary of the Orangeburg Massacre; and more....

Faced With Abuse Scandal, U.S.O.C. Does Nothing

Juliet Macur New York Times
Why is the United States Olympic Committee protecting USA Gymnastics? Whatever the reason, it’s time for it to stop. Why, amid what is one of the worst sexual-abuse scandals in sports history — one much bigger than the Penn State scandal that took down the longtime football coach Joe Paterno, an athletic director and a university president — hasn’t the Olympic committee fully held the gymnastics federation accountable for its incompetence?

Slavery and the National Anthem: The Surprising History Behind Colin Kaepernick's Protest

AJ Willingham
Jackie Robinson, writing in 1972: I cannot stand and sing the anthem. I cannot salute the flag. I know that I am a black man in a white world. Jim Brown, the Cleveland Browns Hall of Fame running backin 2016 said he stands '100 percent' behind Colin Kaepernick. Further, Kaepernick 'made all the sense in the world' in explaining his position. This is part of a long tradition of athletes, especially African American athletes combining sport and protest. (* ESPN)


1936: The Worst Olympic Games Ever (So far)

Simon Barnes New Statesman
As the Olympic Games go, the reviewer says, it's time to ask the big question: which were the worst Olympics ever? David Goldblatt's The Games is a history of the tarnished Olympics, from Avery Brundage to, yes, London 2012. The evidence shows indisputably that it was Hitler's Berlin games of 1936, which set the stage for spectacle and nationalist-racialist sentiment.

Volatility in Sports, Climate and Politics

Clifford D. Conner Portside
The reality of anthropogenic climate change is hardly an issue among climate scientists any more, but the spinmeisters on the payroll of the oil industry keep it alive in the "national conversation." One of their standard gambits is to point to record cold weather, as occurred this winter in much of the United States, and chortle, "What warming?"

Sochi Costs

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! Nation of Change

The LGBT Movement Takes Aim at Sochi

Dave Zirin The Nation
Athletes are going into the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics knowing that protesting homophobia may entail a sacrifice. It’s a stunning comment on our times that so many seem not only willing but eager to make it.
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