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A Look at Two Towns, Two Storms and America's Imperiled Poor

Zack Colman and Daniel Cusick E&E News/Climatewire
Workers throw away debris and ruined possessions from a public housing project in Texas. Hurricanes have done it before, decimating critical shares of an already limited housing stock for financially vulnerable people. Hurricanes Harvey and Florence are the latest to damage public housing and displace its poor residents.

It’s Time to Build New, Mixed-Income Public Housing

Tanner Howard Shelterforce
large public housing building Is today the time to fight for public housing in the United States? That’s the argument of “Social Housing in the United States,” a new report published by the People’s Policy Project, an independent think tank.


Hijacking Public Housing

Rhonda Y. Williams Southern Spaces
The history of public housing in the United States can be read, in part, as a history of the modern impoverishment of racial minorities, in particular, of the African American population. As reviewer Rhonda Y. Williams notes, Edward G. Goetz has written a "multi-layered analysis of housing policy and redevelopment," in a book that "explicitly examines black removal from urban spaces and the perpetuation of racialized poverty."
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