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Yes, Eliminating DC’s Tipped Wage Would Reduce Poverty

Rachel West Talk Poverty
D.C.’s tipped workers are nearly twice as likely to live in poverty compared to the city’s overall workforce.The concerns with the tipped wage go beyond just money—the power dynamics of the tipping system allow discrimination and inequality


Tom Colicchio Changes His Restaurant’s Racially Tinged Name

Kim Severson New York Times
Chef Tom Colicchio is dropping the name of his newest Manhattan restaurant, Fowler & Wells, after learning that it has historically racist connotations. It was named for a publishing company and scientific institute that once operated in a building on the same site.The men who started the company were proponents of phrenology, a 19th-century practice used to justify slavery and beliefs in African-American inferiority.


Food Trends for 2016

Chris Urban Restaurant News
In the ever-evolving restaurant industry, trend forecasts range from menu tweaks to technological and social upheavals.

Tidbits - October 22, 2015 - Are You a Capitalist?; Sanders; Clinton; The Grassroots; Afghanistan; Puerto Rico; Palestine; Announcements; and more....

Reader Comments: Sanders forces question - Are You a Capitalist; Media and Country Debate Socialism like no time in a hundred years; Clinton; GOP Crackup; Afghanistan; Puerto Rico; Palestine; Leonard Peltier; Readers Debate Tipping; Rosalyn Baxandall Announcements: Marxist classes and book talks in New York; Paul Robeson play in Peekskill; Palestine Solidarity and Paid Family Leave events in New York


This Is Bigger Than Paula Deen

David J. Leonard The Washington Spectator
The issue is the potential for a powerful individual's racist worldview to manifest itself into discriminatory workplace policies. A black worker threatened to report the restaurant to the EEOC and was told: "You don’t have any civil rights here." That is what we should be talking about, not Deen's contemptible word choice. More broadly, she symbolizes the injustices plaguing the entire restaurant industry. The evidence is mounting. Restaurants are clearly segregated.
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