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The Double Life of New York’s Oyster King

Briona Lamback Atlas Obscura
Thomas Downing’s Oyster House opened in 1825 in the heart of the financial district. Not only did Downing turn oysters into a delicacy, but he was also the first to dish out fine dining.


The Bear and the Contradictions of Work

Sherry Linkon and John Russo Working Class Perspectives
The Bear helps us see the struggles that make work difficult and the commitments that make it meaningful. If we want to understand why work matters, and what workers might be longing for, we have to recognize both sides of this balance sheet.


The Restaurant Industry Won’t Survive if its Workers Can’t

Frances Nguyen Prism
The future of an industry in crisis depends on support for the most disenfranchised—its workers. For restaurant workers the current crisis is an opportunity to demand remedies for long-standing ills such as wage theft, safety, abusive management.


Yes, Eliminating DC’s Tipped Wage Would Reduce Poverty

Rachel West Talk Poverty
D.C.’s tipped workers are nearly twice as likely to live in poverty compared to the city’s overall workforce.The concerns with the tipped wage go beyond just money—the power dynamics of the tipping system allow discrimination and inequality
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