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The Other Big Election

Joe Allen Jacobin
The upcoming Teamsters election is a chance to unseat James P. Hoffa and reverse the union's managed decline.


Teamsters Ask Judge to End 25 Years of Federal Oversight

Kris Maher The Wall Street Journal
Federal prosecutors Indicate they would scale back government control over the union. But a rank-and-file group called the Teamsters for a Democratic Union, a frequent critic of current union President James P. Hoffa, is fighting the effort.

Despite Local 'No' Votes, Teamsters International Declares UPS Contract Ratified

Jane Slaughter Labor Notes
On April 16 members of Local 89 in Louisville voted no on their supplement for the second time, this time by 94 percent. Members were angry that they spend up to an hour a day—unpaid—on a shuttle that takes them to and from the parking lot to their work stations; the site is that big. They were also demanding that more part-time jobs be converted to full-time ones. Now the five-year contract is ratified—by fiat of the Teamsters international.

A Working Class Hero

By Bill Roberts Socialist Worker
THE U.S. working class lost one of its staunchest and most inspiring fighters on February 9. At the too-young age of 67, Peter Camarata succumbed to renal cancer at home in Chicago after a two-year battle. His absence from the front lines of labor and social justice movements will be felt by those who followed his lead and shared in his struggles.


Happy Birthday: TDU Turns 37
Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU) has since become the longest-lived, most successful rank and file movement in U.S. labor history. Many labor historians have noted TDU’s role in winning rights, cutting mob influence in the Teamsters, and giving rank and file Teamsters a voice.
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