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Bernie and Hillary and Ted and Donald

Robert Borosage Campaign for America's Future
The punditry is already rushing to crown Clinton the Democratic winner. However, the growing divide among Democrats between the older and the younger deserves more attention. The Clinton campaign people are certain that the threat posed by Trump or Cruz will help mobilize Democratic turnout. But a party whose leaders are selling more of the same may well find it hard to inspire young voters and independents who are looking for a very new deal.

Friday Nite Videos -- January 8, 2016

Birthers Target Ted Cruz. Bernie Sanders: Wall Street Reform. Tracy Chapman - The Times They Are A Changin'. Dry Up or Drown - Evan Webb and the Rural Route Ramblers. Don't Let Donald Trump Fool You: Rightwing Populism Is the New Normal.

Birthers Target Ted Cruz

Donald Trump questions whether Canadian-born Ted Cruz is constitutionally eligible to become president, so Trevor enlists a founding father to settle the matter.

Everybody Hates Ted Cruz

Texas senator and presidential hopeful Ted Cruz is rising in the polls, but he may also be the the man most hated by his congressional colleagues.

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