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The MAGA storming of the Capitol is one year old. The attempted coup is still happening. The reshaping of the Republican Party as an insurrectionary force and the expansion of armed gangs aim to smash democracy. Please help us to inform, to mobilize and to inspire the forces of multi-racial, radical, inclusive democracy to defeat this threat in 2022.


Tidbits - October 12, 2017 - Reader Comments: Vietnam and Anti-War Movement; Support for Kaepernick; Lin-Manuel Miranda - Almost Like Praying-for Puerto Rico; Mobilization to Stop Trump War on North Korea; Announcements; and more.....

Reader Comments: Vietnam - The War, Burns Film, and the Anti-War Movement; Four-Star General Supports Kaepernick; 'Sonic Attack' in Cuba?; Trump as Modern Mussolini; Lin-Manuel Miranda - Almost Like Praying - for Puerto Rico; National Mobilization to Stop Trump War on North Korea; Announcements; and more.....


Ideology As History: A Critical Commentary on Burns and Novick’s “The Vietnam War”

Chuck O"Connell Counterpunch
Burns and Novick avoid confronting the question of imperialism – the notion that U.S. foreign policy is deliberately committed to the exploitation of peasants and workers around the world, that it is on the wrong side of the class struggle. Without the concepts of class struggle and imperialism, Burns and Novick will not be able to get at the roots of the political divide over Vietnam.

Burns and Novick’s Vietnam War: Doesn’t Give Peace Movement a Chance

Maurice Isserman Dissent
Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’s Vietnam War, the 18-hour PBS documentary, is bleak. Unfortunately, this perspective is applied equally to antiwar protesters and policymakers, creating a film that is both antiwar and anti-war movement. The popular movement to end the war was one of the truly redemptive stories of the Vietnam War. Yet, Burns and Novick offer at once a thorough indictment of the war, and a dismissal of most of the people who committed themselves to ending it.

Why the B-52 Failed: Dispatch from Hanoi

David Bacon David Bacon: Reality Check
On the plane to Hanoi last December, I opened my copy of the NYT to find an article by Dave Philipps: "After 60 Years, B-52's Still Dominate the U.S. Fleet." The piece stuck with me as I traveled through north Vietnam, trying to unravel U.S. amnesia towards the people of this country and what they call "the American war." Philipps ends with a quote from a former South Vietnamese Navy officer, Phuoc Luong. "In Vietnam we didn't use it (B-52s) enough. That's why we lost."

Full Disclosure Campaign: Toward Honest Commemoration of American War In Vietnam

Full Disclosure campaign of Veterans For Peace Full Disclosure campaign of Veterans For Peace
When lies are propounded about the American war in Vietnam, they legitimize and justify present USA and future dangerous adventures and prevent us from escaping the dangerous “logic of war” as promoted by our rulers and media.

Viet Nam a Half Century Later

David Swanson David Swanson blog
Jimmy Carter called war waged in Vietnam by the U.S -- a war that killed 60,000 Americans and 4,000,000 Vietnamese, without burning down a single U.S. town or forest -- "mutual" damage. Ronald Reagan called it a "noble" and "just cause." Barack Obama promotes the myth of widespread mistreatment of returning U.S. veterans, denounces the Vietnamese as "brutal," and has launched a 13-year, $65 million propaganda program to glorify what the Vietnamese call the American War.


Film Review: Last Days In Viet Nam -- With Liberals Like Rory Kennedy, Who Needs Reactionaries?

Ed Rampell Hollywood Progressive
However, skillful propagandist that Kennedy is, in her effort to whitewash history and try to ferret out something positive in a colossal debacle, there’s something even she can’t hide. Look closely at the newsreel clips as the NVA tanks roll into what was renamed Ho Chi Minh City. Not only are the soldiers jubilant, but look at the smiling faces of the Vietnamese masses as they are being liberated from decades of Japanese, French and Yankee occupation and imperialism.

Book Review: You Don't Need a Weatherman

Jon Wiener Los Angeles Review of Books
Jon Wiener reviews Bill Ayers' latest book, about the Weather Underground, the U.S. student and anti-war movement, and what happened to SDS - the largest student organization in the history of our country - and a major part of the U.S. Left...And, he is very critical.

Tidbits - May 23, 2013

Reader Comments on Matt Taibbi: Everything Is Rigged; Chiefs Declare Keystone XL Invalid; Rape in the Military; Islamophobia; Real IRS Scandal; Kissinger; Viet Nam War; Cambodia; Marx Banned in Hungary; Announcements: Black Talkies On Parade Film Series - Los Angeles - May 25; The Future of the Left - A Conversation on Socialist Unity - New York - June 5 - event moved to larger location
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