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Friday Nite Videos -- May 22, 2015

Roy Zimmerman -- 'Defenders of Marriage.' Killer T Cell: The Cancer Assassin. Oscar Peterson's Piano Lesson. Ensnaring Kids in 'Advertising Empire.' LA Minimum Wage: $15 by 2020.

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Roy Zimmerman -- 'Defenders of Marriage'
In honor of Ireland's first-ever national referendum enshrining the right of marriage, we present the inimitable Roy Zimmerman's satirical take on 'Defenders of Marriage.'

Killer T Cell: The Cancer Assassin
How does a Killer T Cell Kill its target? A new film captures the behavior of cytotoxic T cells – the body’s ‘serial killers’ – as they hunt down and eliminate cancer cells.

Oscar Peterson's Piano Lesson
Piano virtuoso Oscar Peterson shows how to assume the piano personas of famous musicians. His explanation is simple, his delivery is magical.

Ensnaring Kids in 'Advertising Empire'
Child advocates charge that Google's YouTube Kids app, marketed as family-friendly and child-appropriate, is in fact neither, featuring "disturbing" and "potentially harmful" content.

LA Minimum Wage: $15 by 2020
Los Angeles joins a growing list of cities where the $15 minimum wage movement has scored victories. How big an impact will it have on workers' lives and the country's politics?