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Friday Nite Videos -- July 24, 2015

Slavery to Mass Incarceration. Mess Within Texas - Sandra Bland's Arrest. Traffic Stop. Are We Really 99% Chimp? The First Openly Asshole President.

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Slavery to Mass Incarceration
An animated short film by acclaimed artist Molly Crabapple, with narration by Bryan Stevenson, illustrating facts about American slavery and the elaborate mythology of racial difference that was created to sustain it. That mythology persists today. Slavery did not end in 1865, it evolved. #SlaveryEvolved

Mess Within Texas - Sandra Bland's Arrest
Larry Wilmore discusses the minor traffic stop in Texas ultimately led to the violent arrest and ultimate death of Sandra Bland. 

Traffic Stop
Alex Landau, an African American, was raised by adoptive white parents to believe that skin color didn’t matter. But when Alex was pulled over by Denver police officers one night, he lost his belief in a color-blind world. Alex tells what happened that night. 

Are We Really 99% Chimp?
It's common knowledge that humans share 99% of their DNA with chimpanzees. But is it true? What does it mean? And why does it matter?

The First Openly Asshole President
Jordan Klepper explains why Donald Trump's brazen attitude makes him an inspiration to brusque Americans everywhere.