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Friday Nite Videos -- December 16, 2016

Daryl Davis, Race & America | Movie Trailer. Everybody Knows | Leonard Cohen. ¡Cuba! Exhibition Now Open. The Brilliant Life of Ada Lovelace #OrdinaryWomen. My President Was Black.

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Daryl Davis, Race & America | Movie Trailer
The festival trailer for the award-winning documentary feature about Daryl Davis, a black musician who befriends members of the KKK and other white supremacists in search of the answer to his question: "How can you hate me if you don't even know me."

Everybody Knows | Leonard Cohen
Leonard Cohen's lyrics are both prophetic and startlingly contemporary: Everybody knows that the war is over / Everybody knows the good guys lost / Everybody knows the fight was fixed / The poor stay poor, the rich get rich / That's how it goes / Everybody knows

¡Cuba! Exhibition Now Open
Its complex politics and vibrant music have attracted the attention of the world. But Cuba, the largest island nation in the Caribbean, is also home to the unexpected. It’s a place of stunning contrasts: mysterious caves and bright boulevards, sweltering fields and cool forests, hard challenges and high energy.

The Brilliant Life of Ada Lovelace #OrdinaryWomen
A pioneer of computer science, Ada Lovelace created the very first computer program in the mid-1800s and also foresaw the digital future.

My President Was Black
Coates talks about his new cover story for The Atlantic, based on interviews with President Obama, which reconsiders Obama's legacy after the election of Donald Trump.