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Dispatches From the Culture Wars – Alt.Right Roundup Edition

Trumpsters against Jews; Trumpsters against Trumpsters; Jews against Jews; Trumpsters against Intellectuals; Intellectuals against Trump; Alt.Right and Guilt.Left

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‘We Don’t Support Satanic Jews’: Trump’s Neo-Nazi Fans Freak After He Posts a ‘Happy Hanukkah’ Tweet

By Brad Reed
December 26, 2016
Raw Story

President-elect Donald Trump decided to throw a bone to people who care about religious diversity in the United States by wishing Jewish people a “Happy Hanukkah” this week — and his neo-Nazi fans are not happy about it.
Shortly after Trump posted an innocuous “Happy Hanukkah” tweet on Monday, his feed was clogged with angry white nationalists who were upset that Trump was signaling support for “Satanic Jews.”

Alt-Right Infighting Simmers Around Inaugural 'DeploraBall'

By Brakkton Booker
January 1, 2017

A rift has surfaced within the alt-right, the movement closely associated with white supremacism that has been celebrating Donald Trump's election as president. In fact, they are planning a big event around Trump's inauguration — the "DeploraBall."
Organizers of the event, which plays off Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's "basket of deplorables" swipe at some Trump supporters, have rescinded the invitation of a prominent social media personality with the alt-right movement, Tim Treadstone, better known by his Twitter handle @bakedalaska.
He tweeted on Monday anti-Semitic and racist comments that included "it's a common fact the media is run in majority by Jewish people, it's similar to observing blacks are good at basketball."

Drawing Inspiration From Trump, Far-right Kahane Movement Seeks U.S. Revival

By Taly Krupkin
January 7, 2017

Beneath banners of the Kach party (a fist emerging from the Star of David), one of the organizers, Gennady Baruch Faybshenko, in his 30s, described passionately how he saw Meir Kahane as a model of a Jewish superhero, his disappointment with democratic Jewish circles in New York and their “hatred for white people and Jews in Israel” – and how all that has changed with the emergence of Trump.
“When I saw Donald Trump campaigning, it reminded me of when Meir Kahane was campaigning. Now, I’m not comparing the two, but the reactions from the people, the liberal left, the establishment was the same. I saw hatred in the eyes of people in the Democratic Party. And when he won, my God, was I happy and hyper for a week!”, Fabyshenko told those gathered.

The New Blacklist

By Peter Dreier
January 5, 2017
Pasadena Weekly

I’m one of the roughly 200 professors listed on the Professor Watchlist, which claims to “expose and document college professors who discriminate against conservative students.” It was launched on Nov. 21, two weeks after Donald Trump was elected president. It is sponsored by a right-wing group called Turning Point USA and run by a 22-year-old conservative named Charlie Kirk. The website is getting a lot of attention in both the mainstream and right-wing media. None of the stories about it so far have sought to identify where its funding comes from or who is really behind it. Mainstream news outlets, like The New York Times, have reported about it as a controversial group that might threaten free speech. FOX News, the Daily Caller and other parts of the right-wing echo chamber celebrate it as a useful tool for exposing the allegedly “liberal” atmosphere on college campuses.
The Professor Watchlist is a good example of our increasingly “post-truth” culture, which is primarily the consequence of several decades of persistent right-wing propaganda, such as attacks on the reality of global warming or Donald Trump’s statements that he lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton because there were “millions” of people who voted illegally, something that The New York Times called a “baseless claim,” and which in everyday language we would call a “lie.”

America's Scientists Are Terrified by Trump

By Sophie Kleeman
January 3, 2017

For some time now, scientists from diverse areas—including climate, medicine, biology, physics, and policy—have warned Trump about his potential approaches to scientific issues.
Given our Supreme Leader’s often stunted and conspiratorial attitudes toward anything even vaguely approaching science, it should come as no surprise that most of these warnings are quite strongly worded. But scientists aren’t just schooling Trump on the usual politically-charged subjects, like climate change and energy. Their recommendations run the gamut, and they suggest that the scientific community as a whole is thinking very carefully about the place of science and scientific thinking in the Trump administration.             

The Safety Pin and the Swastika      

By Shuja Haider
January 4, 2017
Viewpoint Magazine

Until recently, the phrase “white identity politics” was a trap progressives tried to set for the right. A rhetorical flourish could understate the whole brutal history of racism in America as 400 years of “white identity politics,” in order to demonstrate that the right was guilty of the same tactics as the left.
The right now acknowledges the correlation with a smirk. “So long as we avoid and deny our identities, at a time when every other people is asserting its own, we will have no chance to resist our dispossession, no chance to make our future, no chance to find another horizon,” says Richard Spencer, in an introductory video on the National Policy Institute’s website titled “Who Are We?”