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Tidbits - August 24, 2017 - Reader Comments: White Supremacy in the Age of Trump; Removing Confederate Monuments; Free Speech Hypocrisy; Monopoly (the game); Right to Work laws; Radicals in Our History; Boycott the NFL; Jews Against Hate; and more....

Reader Comments: White Supremacy in the Age of Trump; Removing Confederate Monuments - They Lost - Get Over It; Free Speech Hypocrisy; Monopoly (the game) was Invented to Demonstrate the Evils of Capitalism; Right to Work - Racist Origins, Victory in Missouri; Radicals in Our History; Korea; Venezuela; Boycott the NFL; Jews Against Hate; and more....

Tidbits - Reader Comments, Resources and Announcements - August 24, 2017, Portside
"While Trump clearly lacks competence in so many aspects of his life and presidency-as we are witnessing in the sabre-rattling with North Korea-Trump's attitude towards race is not about incompetence. This represents a long-standing feature of who he is and the politics that he represents."
Carlos A Torres Ramos
Racism - A handy tool of the upper class to divide our nation. We have to break with these destructive manipulations.
John Newby
we are watching on in fear and disbelief. We are worried for you in America and the World.
Sally Thomas
That shit is in the past, get over it... confederacy lost and is un-american, get over it
Sean Stoltz

Actually, what will bring white supremacy down is a solid commitment to voting rights -- in the context of the ongoing demographic change -- together with a firm, even harsh, enforcement of the civil rights laws.
Eric Ebel
Respectfully, resistance is the wrong word. Its opposition.
Dan Jordan
(posting on Portside Labor)
This is interesting.  One reason I haven't lost total faith in unions.
William Friesen
  1. Speaking out against "hate."  Everyone condemning the white supremacists and Trump are making "hate" the enemy.  Hate is an emotion, and waging a campaign against hate is like waging a campaign for love.  It's meaningless.  The problem is not hate.  The problem is white supremacy and the continuing history, pattern, and practice of oppression and repression of Black people and all people who are not "white."  It is at the roots and leaves of capitalism.  It oozes from every pore of this system.  The struggle against exploitation cannot be won without placing the struggle against white supremacy in its every manifestation at its core.
  2. A speaker at the rally yesterday called for making the country ungovernable, thereby driving Donald Trump out of office.  I think this is a highly questionable formulation.
Trump will be driven from office by the mass movements, whether they force his impeachment of simple resignation. 
Major sections of the ruling class are deserting Trump precisely because they fear that masses of people are making his government non-functional (which is not the same as ungovernable).
When Trump is gone Trumpism and the program of the ultra-right will not be gone, and the struggle will shift to fightbacks on every issue.  We will have Trumpism without Trump in a Pence / Ryan / McConnell triumvirate.
I think we need to avoid formulations that sound like calls for chaos and anarchy, which will only benefit the fascist forces in our country.  We do not need pitched battles in the streets between fascists and everyone else.  We need unity of all anti-fascist and anti-racist forces in mass actions that are peaceful as long as that is possible.
Ted Pearson
These monuments were meaningless, just a part of the background. Their removal is made necessary because of the racist hate from the far right. Now they must be removed for the sake of the Nation.
Tom Dugan
They lost the war , get over it.
Enrico Campomizzi
I find it ironic that the people who make fun of Millennials for their participation trophies are having a fit over these statues being removed. These statues are nothing short of participation trophies for a side that fought for the "right" to keep people as property!
Angel Sigfredo Adames Corraliza
I never gave them any thought, really, but if they are dear to the Nazis and KKK, they have to go. Only a small step toward a better world, but better a small step than doing nothing.
Glenda Boozer
Lalo Alcaraz
August 16, 2017
[Lalo Alcaraz is probably the most prolific Chicano artist in the nation, according to this bio. his award-winning joker has spent two decades chronicling the political ascendancy of Latinos in America and pushing the boundaries of Chicano art. He is the creator of the first nationally-syndicated, politically-themed Latino daily comic strip, "La Cucaracha," he co-founded the political comedy troupe Chicano Secret Service and he co-hosts the infamous "Pocho Hour of Power" on KPFK in Los Angeles (90.7 FM). Lalo also teaches at Otis College of Art & Design in L.A.]
The reality of "free speech" and their advocates. The author closes with the thought that if things go on as they have been, the advocates of "free speech" on the Right will have revealed their hypocrisy. The question is: Who on the Left will be around to benefit from such exposure if the Right has its way?
Joe G Kaye
Free speech should not be equated with Racism, Terrorism,
Rosalina Rosario Melendez
[Linda Ellerbee, after 44 years in journalism, retired Dec. 1, 2015. Here's the USA Today story about her incredible career.
WE got to quit using the name these white supremacist fascist gave themselves! This movement is a real reflection and core of our USA history, culture and economy. We are the ones to defeat this terrorism!
Leanna Noble
I am 100% against the white supremacists. And I am 100% against the antifa. The antifa is a terrorist group which looks for every opportunity to cause chaos, wreak violence, and their own intolerance.
This article is so unbalanced. Where is the condemnation for the antifa also? Where?
Michele Mitchell
"Deep Denial: The Persistence of White Supremacy in US History & Life" (CDDBooks 2016) challenges white progressives who, as author David Billings' contends, "say we oppose racism but don't do anything about it." Part Historical analysis, part personal memoir, "Deep Denial" explains how this country's racial ideology is embedded not only in our nation's structures & institutions but in white people's psyches.
Rooting his analysis in his 40 years as an Antiracist organizer with The People's Institute for Survival & Beyond, Billings challenges us all to act to "undo racism." 
"No one speaks to racism  and its cure better than David Billings, a white Southerner who has seen it all. His is a voice that needs to be heard. It is a voice with perfect pitch." 
-Charlayne Hunter-Gault, journalist "Race Matters," PBS Newshour.
Margery Freeman
Anger, hatred, authoritarian impulses.....everywhere you look
Joel Pett
August 16, 2017
I had no idea.. but often wondered about this story of this funny money game
Larry Aaronson
Interesting article. Never force your will on another (it leads to hate and violence) Always lead with love, compassion and God in your heart.
For the record I am a capitalist that shares my good fortune (peanut butter & jelly and rice & beans is all I have and feeling fortunate) and do not like anyone to be told or forced on how to spend the money they earn. To freedom!
Terry Kelly
Diehl Our children are not commodities. Charter schools are a scam. The evidence is clear.
see: The Wrong Kind of Education Reform - Three new books decimate the case for charter schools and vouchers.
Paul Lee
I don't even know where to begin to explain the problems. Not unions (those protect teachers from bad bosses), choices in education are only worthwhile if they are actual schools with actual teachers, not doing a better job but destroying public ed, and OUR CONSTITUTION GUARANTEES EDUCATIONS FOR ALL so it is rather simple to make it public. These things just are, and they are not opinions. Spread disinformation no more.
LLoyd Taylor
While TV pundits yabber about Trump, the most dangerous people in the administration are getting their work done.
John Turnbull
Who is putting together a court case? Are there any class action cases? This is a threat to the Constitutional right to privacy and right to free speech and right to organize peaceful demonstrations. I visited the site when I heard about this because I support the Constitutional rights and I would have shown up at many of these demonstrations if I lived in the area. Do not let those that are taking time and demonstrating courage on our behalf stand alone. Let your lawmakers know you will not tolerate this assault on the Constitution and that they need t to deal with this matter.
Aprl Churchill
Not sure how one responds to a Portside piece but i thought it worthwhile to drop a line to mention that in this entire exposition about how wonderful identity politics were for "the left" because, you know, identity, the word "class" was used exactly one time - in the phrase "protected class."
I suppose this sort of vulgar determinist liberalism ("we think as we do because we are what we are") is going to be sold to the unsuspecting as "leftism," but I for one am not buying a single drop.
Tim Davenport
Moderator's Note: To respond to a Portside post:
Looks like a good article. Not even sure I need to read it. I think this current generation might fight racism more ferociously than any other previous generation. It looks like they are already doing that. ( Ok, ok, I'll read the article. Sometimes I'm lazy.)
David Parker
The Rosa Lux Stiftung also had a fine report on the DSA event...
Let's hope this encourages thousands more to join. No organization begins or renews itself perfectly, Let the improvement continue.
Paul Buhle
'Scuse me, RLS staffer Heidi C Schwa wrote that piece at the behest of Portside. But they're welcome to post it on their site!
Ethan Young
oops, oops, got it wrong. Ethan, give my best regards to Heidi! For a fine essay.
Paul Buhle
¡Que Vivian Los campesinos!
Ruben Rangel
Amos Lawrence was not the only Boston patrician who switched to the anti-slavery cause after an atrocity. Wendell Phillips devoted his life and fortune to combating the evils of American slavery after the brutal murder of abolitionist Elijah Lovejoy in Alton, Illinois, in 1837. Lawrence was also not the only social activist whose profits drew from the workers he was trying to free. Frederich Engels' textile business in 1850s-1880s Manchester drew profits from the workers he was seeking to emancipate. The key point, of course, is that these wealthy individuals used their profits as a means toward ending working-class immiseration in the UK and slavery's exploitation in the US. Where are their heirs today?
Jeffrey R. Kerr-Ritchie
This is little known history that is worth the short read.
Edward Whitfield
(posting on Portside Labor)
Part of the slave owner class mentality. I hope it never comes to Canada, although I am sure that there is some going on behind the scenes.
I brought this up when I was running provincially as a concern. Many had not heard of it but there was concern, as all too often things can spread from our neighbors south of us as there are a few race to the bottom issues.
Wendy Bales
OMG I was puzzled as a teen in Texas that the white working-men I knew were so rabidly anti-union, when it seemed to me that unions would help them. Sixty years later, with blazing clarity, it now fits with all I knew about them, that they could never be in an organization where they might have to call a Negro brother or sister.
Robert David Ogden
(posting on Portside Labor)
Good news! but a lot of work ahead...
Really good news! We Are Missouri submitted 310,567 signatures to take Right to Work legislation (passed this past February) to a public vote. By law, we had to file in six of the eight congressional districts, but we were able to file in all eight districts. The Right to Work law is now suspended until the vote in November of 2018.
See story here from the Springfield, Missouri News-Leader.
Jay Schaffner
Great news -- and a moment to recall another Missouri bellwether campaign led by Jerry Tucker (then Regional Director of the UAW) who organized to defeat a RTW law in 1978 -- a turning point at the time. I was in St, Louis for a couple of weeks then, registered for work at the SIU hall and saw first hand the deep mobilization within labor.
Kurt Stand
Good news. An impressive effort.
But we need to educate journalists about what RTW and the related attack on check-off are about.
Maybe I'm touchy because we've been fighting 'RTWers' BS for so long in NH,, but describing RTW as preventing "unions in private sector workplaces from automatically collecting dues from the workers they are legally required to represent" picks up RTW rhetoric. Good to point out the duty to represent but the issue of dues (if only) as opposed to partial fees is something we have to educate legislators and the public about. The description also feeds into RTWers' attempts to package their attacks on public-sector check-off (private-sector checkoff is off-limits to state legislators) as eliminating automatic checkoff when they would eliminate checkoff entirely. Taft-Hartley ended what was called automatic checkoff in the private-sector (you got the job, you' were on checkoff, no option to pay dues or agency fees in person or by mail). Unfortunately, the AFL-CIO's picked up the RTWers' talking point about "automatic dues." I know it's picky but why give them an inch.
Dexter Arnold
Good news for Missouri workers and all of us!
Susan Radosh
I read your article about the ballot initiative in Youngstown, OH to remove corporate influence in elections.  While the text of the article and the press release describe the "Fair Elections" ballot initiative  the text of the initiative reprinted in the article is of the "Drinking Water Protection Bill" listed on the homepage of Protect Youngstown
Thought you might want to know, since as a reader I was initially confused.
Dan Woods
In my town, Portland OR, the John Reed Bookstore soldiered on until 1993 (see Portland Red Guide,(2nd ed, pp. 195-6) 
Michael Munk
Too bad a generally good article has to be marred by the gratuitous swipe at all of the New Communist Movement, which at its height outnumbered the CP and made some contributions of note, despite its errors and decline.
Joe Berry
wanted to submit commentary on communist bookstores. No one has mentioned China Books and Periodicals .Between 1960 and 1995 they ran three retail stores Chi, SF NY, but also distributed m/l books to independent bookstores, left bookstores, and college bookstores all across the U.S. They would also show up at the American Booksellers Assn. convention and made active sales-trips to independent bookstores all across the country. At the height of the cultural revolution craze, C.B.& P. may have sold one million of Chairman Mao's Quotation - the little red book
John Marienthal
(posting on Portside Labor)
While Operation Dixie might have been underfunded- its major targets were the organized- not the  unorganized. What budgetary material is available indicate that the Mine Mill and Smelter Workers Birmingham plants, along with the food and Tobacco Worker sin North Carolina among others were the main targets.
Frank Emspak
Excelente articulo. muy informativo..
Excellent article. Very informative..
Wilson Rafael Franco
Good decision.
Silma Ruiz
It sure is taking a L O N G time to get this through the courts. Happy to see this hurdle mounted. (sorry to see only two accused, though.)
Michael McCord
"The tactics deployed against Allende are chillingly similar to those being employed in Venezuela today. Richard Nixon said he wanted to "make the economy [in Chile] scream."'
Edward Mendez
Go VENEZUELA! Get those Yankees out!
Jenny Kastner
Reminds me of "I have seen the future and it works." In 1973 I flew back from the USSR with a group of fellow travelers, it was as if we had visited a different country because they had seen a workers' paradise and I had seen something very different.
Maduro is no Allende.  That fact doesn't justify a US sponsored coup, but leftists have to retain a bit of skepticism about regimes that claim to be progressive and not just lionize them.
Stan Nadel
Stupid Congressman Ben Cardin (D-M). You can not force U.S. Citizens to infringe our Freedom of Speech. Under International Law, we have a right to speak up. Israel is the bully, the aggressor and MUST be accused of Genocide. Israel has used Napalm bombs against the Palestinian People. I disagree with your proposed S720.
Frank Betté
A real revolutionary in many ways. Love the historians from below.
Gill Boehringer
Last week, ESFL posted Marcus Rediker's op-ed about Benjamin Lay from the NYT. Here is a terrific appraisal of Marcus's work.
(posting on Portside Culture)
Here's another great review:
By Heather Boushey
August. 15, 2017
New York Times Book Review
Fred Niles
I hope I'm right in stating that I feel the country is currently undergoing the beginning stage of a "soft revolution."
All generals and admirals of the four Armed Forces stood united against Trump (at risk of dismissal) and rejected any tolerance of racism throughout the branches of the military.
All over the country, Confederate statues and memorials -- which have served as staging monuments for the racist fascists -- are coming down.
Today, the Trust for the National Mall -- managing overseer of all DC monuments -- announced that a new educational display will be installed at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial describing and instructing of Jefferson's participation in slavery (and hopefully his miscegenation and love for his Black slave mistress).
Crowds of 40,000 and more counter-protesters are autonomously turning out to marginalize and show the diminishing neo-fascists how out of step they are with the mainstream.
I shall hope that these various and to-date unimagined actions will mark a turning point from which this woeful and racially divided nation can finally begin to heal ...
James E Vann
Housing-Political-Community Activist
Oakland, California
Watch video here
In 2016, San Francisco 49er quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, took a knee during the playing of the National Anthem at NFL games to bring awareness to the number of African-Americans that had been beaten or killed while unarmed by police agencies across the United States. Despite a 16 to 4 touchdown to interception ratio last year, he has been unable to find employment in the NFL.
The NFL has employed those convicted of sexual assault, domestic violence, animal abuse, drug abuse, and driving under the influence. A number of NFL owners have said the reason they will not employ him is because of negative fan reaction, or fear of offending various sponsors. A segment of their fan base has made it clear they will not patronize the NFL product if he is on the team. Thus far, team owners have capitulated, out of concern for backlash from a certain segment of the patrons, but they fear no such backlash from the Black community.
They have a full expectation that African-Americans will continue to patronize their product even though they have made it a point to silence and make an example of Kaepernick to deter any future protests. Kaepernick thus far is paying a steep price because he stood up for those of us who are non-celebrities, who would not be recognized when pulled over by police. It's time for us to stand up.

The events in Charlottesville on Saturday, August 12th did not occur in isolation.
What happened in Charlottesville directly connects to a growing national movement of White Supremacist organizations and individuals who have been emboldened by the atmosphere of intolerance, xenophobia and exclusion promulgated by elected leaders. These leaders promote these reprehensible words and actions and/or refuse to stand up and denounce them. In doing so, they are complicit with Saturday's violent outcome.
We are confronted with increasing anti-Semitic, racist, Islamophobic, anti-immigrant, homophobic, transphobic and misogynistic attacks and more and more extreme versions of hate. Today, we commit to stand together with people of all races and nationalities to resist and say "Never Again."
As Jews, we have witnessed this before. We must strip away the terms "white nationalist" or "alt-right," both designed to legitimize what we know is racism, Nazism and Fascism, pure and simple.
As Jews, we commit to following the traditions of resistance so exemplified by Jewish partisans, our courageous ancestors of the past century who, in the face of the Nazis unimaginable attacks, coined the rallying cry in Yiddish: Mir zaynen do! We are here!
In their names, in our names, and in the names of all children who deserve to grow up in a country that lives up to the ideals of democracy, we pledge to fight at every turn these attacks on all of our rights and freedoms.
Sign our petition and send the message, "Never again."
Co-sponsored by: Ameinu | American Jewish World Service | Avodah| Bend the Arc | B'nai Jeshurun | Camp Kinderland | Carolina Jews for Justice | Central Conference of American Rabbis | Democratic Socialists of America Jewish Solidarity Caucus | Fair Trade Judaica | Habonim Dror North America | Hashomer Hatzair | HIAS | IfNotNow | J Street | Jewish Alliance for Law and Social Action | Jewish Community Action | Jewish Currents | Jewish Labor Committee | Jewish Reconstructionist Communities | Jewish Women International | Jewish Youth for Community Action | Jews United for Justice | Jews for Racial and Economic Justice | Keshet | Kolot Chayeinu/Voices of Our Lives | MAZON | Moishe House Boston: Kavod Jewish Social Justice House | National Council of Jewish Women | New Israel Fund | New Yiddish Rep | Partners for Progressive Israel | Rabbi Burton L. Visotzky | Rabbi Lauren Grabelle Herrmann | Rabbi Michael Feinberg/Greater New York Labor-Religion Coalition | Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum/Congregation Beit Simchat Torah | Rabbi Simkha Y. Weintraub | Randi Weingarten/American Federation of Teachers | Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association | Reconstructionist Rabbinical College | Ruth Messinger | Sholem Community | Stuart Appelbaum/Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union/UFCW | T'ruah | Union for Reform Judaism | Uri L'Tzedek | The Workmen's Circle | Alison Hirsh, Kevin Brown, Manny Pastreich, Lenore Friedlaender of 32BJ/SEIU. 
Sign the petition!
To: Our elected leaders
From: [Your Name]
As a Jew, I join this movement and pledge NEVER AGAIN! I join the many communities of people in the United States committed to a country that promises freedom from discrimination and welcoming policies for refugees; rights for immigrants, freedom from religious and racial persecution, and economic justice for each one of us. I pledge to resist and fight back against the hatred and dangerous threats that this growing white supremacist movement represents.
I demand that the White House and Congress take immediate steps to stop the spread of fascism in this country. And I commit to take whatever actions I can, including educating myself and others, speaking out on behalf of the oppressed, and working within my community and beyond to ensure that our elected officials act in support of this pledge.
Mir zaynen do! We are here!
We Act Radio, a progressive community radio station broadcast out of Anacostia, [Washington, DC] is off the air after its studios were burglarized.

Yesterday was a bad day, We Act Radio, the independent progressive radio station and tv studio that I co-own with Kymone Freeman, suffered a terrible robbery. Tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment were stolen and the property was severely damaged. 
We need to raise some funds to get the studio back in working order and continue our mission of telling the stories that the corporate media doesn't cover.
The support from the community so far has been fantastic and I want to extend my deep gratitude to everyone and every organization that has helped out. 
We have a GoFundMe set up at: If you are able to chip in some support and/or share with you networks, I would be very thankful.
I will be writing more when I get some time. 
Alex Lawson

Stop the Klan!
Fireworks Graphics
John Brown Anti-Klan Committee
Silkscreen, 1983
Los Angeles, CA
With the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia exemplifying the empowerment of the racist right under Trump, it is important to remember that racism in the U.S. is as old as the country itself, and that it doesn't only manifest in the South.  The first known collaboration in U.S. history of the Ku Klux Klan, the Aryan Nation, and the U.S. Nazis, took place in Los Angeles. CSPG's Poster of the Week was made in response to the 1983 burning of three crosses in Lake View Terrace, an ethnically diverse community in the San Fernando Valley. The three white supremacist organizations had applied to the fire department for a permit to burn crosses on private property.  When turned down, they burned the crosses anyway, and were arrested.
Last month, in Santa Monica, California, white supremacists from Orange County disrupted a community workshop organized by the Committee for Racial Justice on "How to address white privilege." The August 6th meeting was to focus on "Confronting Explicit Racism."  The white supremacists put out a flyer, pretending to be the real flyer, with the same place and time. It showed a smiling black girl and a cowering white male youth with duct tape across his mouth, and invited people to attend an "Anti-White" conference.  The police and anti-racist organizers did their best to keep the groups apart, but the white supremacists succeeded in disrupting the meeting.  Six days later, racist hatred, violence and death occurred place in Charlottesville.
3916 Sepulveda Blvd, Suite 103 & 104
Culver City, CA 90230