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Dispatches From the Culture Wars - Paradigm Shift Edition

#WeToo; Blame sex; Operation Remap; Walkout; Rights disabled; Chasing voters

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The Movement of #MeToo

By Sophie Gilbert

October 16, 2017

The Atlantic

How a hashtag got its power.


The Sexual Revolution Did Not Create Harvey Weinstein. Patriachy and Capitalism Did.

By David Atkins

October 15, 2017

Washington Monthly

Religious social conservatives have been hard at work arguing that Hollywood libertinism, liberal sexual mores and the sexual revolution itself are to blame for the behavior of the Weinsteins of the world.


Why Thousands of People Around the World Are Mapping Puerto Rico's Buildings and Streets

By Maddie Stone

October 12, 2017


Frustrated by the slow federal response, many people in the United States and elsewhere are searching for some small way to help.

New Jersey Students Walk Out After Teen Told to 'Speak American'

By Darla Miles

October 16, 2017


There are layers to the controversy in the multi-cultural school of about 1,100 students.


Arresting Disabled Bodies

By Sarah Jones

September 28, 2017

New Republic

How disabled activists turned the fight for Medicaid into a battle for civil rights.


Democrats Should Stop Chasing the 'Sensible Centrists'

By Noah Berlatsky

October 19, 2017

Pacific Standard

They don't exist. Voter suppression, on the other hand, is very real.