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Global Left Midweek - August 22, 2018

Israel Protest, Call for New Anti-Fascist Campaign in UK, Samir Amin Remembered, Indian Student Leader Shot, Abortion Rights in Argentina, SYRIZA MP Reports

Tens of thousands of Palestinian citizens of Israel and their supporters protest in Rabin Square against the Jewish Nation-State Law, August 12, 2018. ,Oren Ziv/
  1. Israel Protest
  2. Call for New Anti-Fascist Campaign in UK
  3. Samir Amin Remembered
  4. Indian Student Leader Shot
  5. Abortion Rights in Argentina
  6. SYRIZA MP Reports


Israel: Tens of Thousands of Palestinians and Jews Protest Nation-State Law

Haggai Matar / +972 (Tel Aviv)

Palestinian citizens of Israel, joined by their Jewish Israeli supporters, demonstrated against the Jewish Nation-State Law in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square.

UK: Anti-Nazi League Founders Call for New National Campaign

Dan Sabbagh / The Guardian (London)

Group says political movement needed to combat challenge from ‘racist and fascist right’.


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In Memoriam: Samir Amin

Prabhat Patnaik and Jayati Ghosh / IDEAs (New Delhi)

Two remembrances of the revolutionary African intellectual.

After Attempted Killing of Indian Leftist Student Leader, Activists Accuse Gov., Media of Incitement

Ben Norton / The Real News Network (Baltimore)

Umar Khalid was shot at by a right-wing Hindutva extremist near India’s parliament. The event he was speaking at was held by the group United Against Hate.

The People Versus the Parliament in Argentina

Amy Arreaga / Socialist Worker (Chicago)

The massive “green tide” movement is part of a growing international struggle for women’s rights that won’t be silenced.

Greece, August 2018: A Mid-Term Report From a Syriza MP

Costas Douzinas / openDemocracy (London)

Greece is entering a new political era as it will regain its ability to plan and deliver on the government’s economic and social agenda.