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Friday Nite Videos | May 3, 2019

William Barr's Master Class on Hair Splitting. For Pete at 100 | This Land Is Your Land. Elizabeth Warren: Time to Open Impeachment Proceedings. How Quantum Computers Break Encryption. Ady Barkan Testifies on Medicare for All.

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William Barr's Master Class on Hair Splitting

Stephen attempts to capture the substance, nature, and context of William Barr's incredibly hard-to-watch testimony

For Pete at 100 | This Land Is Your Land

Studs Terkel does the introduction to the beloved Woody Guthrie song, sung by Judy Collins, Pete Seeger, Fred Hellerman and Arlo Guthrie in this 1976 broadcast from PBS studio in Chicago. Full appreciation of the radical life of Pete Seeger here.

Warren After Reading Mueller Report: Time to Open Impeachment Proceedings

Elizabeth Warren joins Lawrence O'Donnell to talk about her call for impeaching President Trump and how her prolific policy proposals are being received in the 2020 Democratic primary.

How Quantum Computers Break Encryption

This video explains Shor’s Algorithm, a way to efficiently factor large pseudoprime integers into their prime factors using a quantum computer. Bottom line: if quantum computers scale up, computer security that depends on the difficulty of factoring will be destroyed.

Ady Barkan Testifies on Medicare for All

"Never before have I given a speech without my natural voice. Never before have I had to rely on a synthetic voice to lay out my arguments, convey my most passionately held beliefs, tell the details of my personal story."

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