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Dispatches From the Culture Wars - More Loose Ends

Lots of unanswered questions and quirky shifts as we move into a crisis-ridden era

An American flag and a Trump 2020 flag fly on private property in Zapata, Tex., on Nov. 11, 2020. Credit,Tamir Kalifa for Politico Magazine

Who Took Down Trump?

By Joni Hess

States like Georgia don’t flip themselves. Meet some of the women whose grassroots organising enabled the Democratic victory.

When People of Color Vote for a Racist

By Murtaza Hussain
The Intercept

Joe Biden still won strong majorities across all nonwhite demographics. Yet it’s worth asking how Trump managed to even marginally increase his appeal to nonwhite voters after four years of reckless and divisive politics. 

Progressives’ Progress

San Francisco Peninsula  By Aldo Toledo, San Jose Mercury News

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East Bay  By Bobbi Lopez, 48 Hills

LA  By Lois Beckett, Guardian

Portland ME  By Abe Asher, Portland Mercury

NYC  By Ben Verde, Brooklyn Paper

Criminal Justice Reform  By Aaron Morrison, Christian Science Monitor

Not Every Trump Voter

By Nesrine Malik
The Correspondent

There’s a rational Trump voter who we need to understand if we want to keep the forces of populism at bay. 

Tejanos and the Caudillo

By Jack Herrera

Ascribing Trump’s success in South Texas to his campaign winning more of “the Latino vote” makes the same mistake as the Democrats did in this election: Treating Latinos as a monolith.

Miami Mess

By Nathan Taylor Pemberton

Progressive activists reckon with red-baiting, the loss of Latino voters, and what it would take for Florida to go blue again.

The Chinese-American Right

By Alex T. Tom

Chinese American conservatism in the US has always existed. But since their emergence in the mid-2010s, the Chinese American Right who immigrated from China have become adept organizers and mobilized Chinese Americans to support Trump, among other conservative campaigns.

Tupac Lives — in Africa

By Dariusz Dziewanski
Africa is a Country

Young Africans are breathing life into Tupac’s memory, channeling his image and his music to be heard and seen in social spaces where they feel neither audible nor visible.

Another Loser Who Wont Concede

Seattle Times

A Republican who took 43% of the statewide vote against Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, has taken a page from President Donald Trump’s playbook by attempting to sow doubts about the election results and lobbing unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud.