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Global Left Midweek - December 16, 2020

One superpower or more? A left analysis of the world order, and news and reports from five continents

Buenos Aires demonstrators call for “Legal Abortion 2020.” Credit,Victor R. Caivano, AP
  1. The World Order
  2. Argentina
  3. Corbyn’s New Crusade
  4. Western Sahara
  5. Ecuador
  6. Thailand
  7. Québec
  8. Ethiopia
  9. China Debate
  10. Lives and Legacies

The World Order - US, China, Russia

Achin Vanaik / Economic and Political Weekly (Mumbai)

As China’s economic and military power has grown, the US foreign policy mainstream consensus shifted to seeing it first more as a ‘‘strategic competitor’’ and rival, and now finally arriving at the view that China is a strategic opponent with some voices in Washington portraying it even as a strategic enemy.

Argentina: Abortion Rights At Last?

Lower House Win  Uki Goñi and Tom Phillips / The Guardian (London)

The Women’s Movement  Ignacio Portes / The Bubble (Buenos Aires)

Corbyn’s New Crusade

Jeremy Corbyn interviewed / Jacobin (New York)

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Western Sahara

The Anti-Sahrawi Axis Amy Goodman / Democracy Now! (New York)

Palestine/Western Sahara Solidarity Alex MacDonald / Middle East Eye (London)

Ecuador: Attack On Left Parties

Harvey Goldberg / Green Left (Sydney)

The establishment are trying every trick to exclude leading opposition ticket Union for Hope (UNES) from the presidential election. UNES is the most popular left/progressive electoral alliance in the country, and is allied with former president Rafael Correa.

Thailand: Taking On the Monarchy

Thiti Jamkajornkeiat / Spectre (Brooklyn)

While the government deployed the lockdown mandate to suppress the first wave of the protests in February this year, the second wave from mid-July is still ongoing.

Québec: New Ecosocialist Group

Révolution écosocialiste / Socialist Project (Toronto)

Founding member Benoit Renaud said that "the future of the struggle for socialism will probably unfold to a large degree through the political development of the ecology movement.”

Ethiopia: A Left Perspective

Alden Young / Africa Is a Country (New York)

How should we understand the persistent crisis of the African state? Is its root in the survival of “indirect rule,” the persistence of “customary law,” and the reification of tribe, ethnicity, or nationalities? In the case of Ethiopia, these are not merely academic questions.

Debate: The Chinese State, the Western Left, the Diaspora, and US Belligerence

What Does Hands Off China Mean? / Qiao Collective

Loyalty vs Internationalism Brian Hioe / New Bloom (Taipei)

The Peace Movement and China Joseph Gerson / Common Dreams (Portland ME)

Sinophobia In Flux Flair Donglai Shi / Made in China (Canberra)

Lives and Legacies

Ruhollah Zam, Iran  Emma Graham-Harrison / The Guardian

Soren Ambrose, international  Anne Petermann / Global Justice Ecology Project (Buffalo)

Lidia Menapace, Italy  Carlo Smuraglia / Il Manifesto Global (Rome)

Hafez Abu Seada, Egypt  Alex MacDonald / Middle East Eye

Adál Maldonado, Puerto Rico  Maximilíano Durón / ARTnews (New York)

Pat Finucane, Ireland  John Finucane / The Guardian

William Morris 1834-1896  Karl Kautsky and Rida Vaquas (trans.) / Prometheus (Manchester)