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Global Left Midweek - May Day 2021

Reports and messages from far and wide, and 50 years of the pathbreaking Italian daily il manifesto

Palestinian protesters raise national flags as they gather near the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem's Old City, on 25 April, 2021. Credit,AFP
  1. Palestine Ready to Explode
  2. India Assembly Elections
  3. Colombia News
  4. India/Tanzania: Women’s Solidarity
  5. Ferment in Chad
  6. May Day Messages
  7. May Day Reports
  8. Now Uzbekistan
  9. Europe: How to Fight the Neofascist Right
  10. 50 Years of il manifesto

Palestine Ready to Explode

Hanadi Qawasmi / Middle East Eye (London)

Amid enduring Israeli repression, a new generation of Palestinians targeted by a complex colonial system has emerged to lead the way. The latest wave of confrontations started with hundreds of Palestinian youths spontaneously gathering in the vicinity of the closed Damascus Gate, in defiance of Israeli restrictions.

India Assembly Elections

Left Wins Again in Kerala  Shaju Philip / The Indian Express (Mumbai)

West Bengal: Trinamool Congress Upsets Modi  Himadri Ghosh / The Wire (New Delhi)

Will the Vote Boost Farmers Fight?  Vishwa Mohan / Times of India (Mumbai)

Colombia News

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Bloody Tax Protests  / BBC News (London)

The Frontrunner  Adriaan Alsema / Colombia Reports (Medellín)

India/Tanzania: Women
s Solidarity

Tina Mfanga / Peoples Dispatch (New Delhi)

In the tradition of proletarian internationalism, working women and farmers from Tanzania express their solidarity with the women farmers of India who have been engaged in struggle for the last several months against pre-corporate farming bills from the Modi-led government

Ferment in Chad

Peoples Dispatch

Pro-democracy protesters in Chad remain skeptical of French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent call for a “civilian national unity government” after security forces killed several protesters while cracking down on demonstrations by civil society and opposition leaders, against the recent military coup.

May Day Messages

Even the Designation Workers is Under Threat  SP Labour Committee / Socialist Project (Toronto)

Joint Statement of the Southeast Asian Left  / Links (Sydney)

Video: COSATU South Africa  / SABC News (Johannesburg)

May Day Reports

Al Jazeera (Doha)

The Guardian (London)

Philippines  Lian Buan / Rappler (Manila)

Indonesia Niniek Karmini And Andi Jatmiko / KSAT (San Antonio)

India  Ravi Kaushal / NewsClick (New Delhi)

Now Uzbekistan

Radmir Khajbakhteev / openDemocracy (London)

The much heralded privatisation of the Central Asian state’s cotton sector has led to claims of exploitation. A single woman, Roza Agaydarova, managed to bring the plight of her fellow workers to international attention by forming a union.

Europe: How To Fight the
 Neofascist Right

Walter Baier / transform! Europe (Vienna)

We must find a right combination between modern class politics and the readiness to enter into the broadest possible political alliances. There exists no reason to suggest that uniting, on the basis of humanist values, could hamper class consciousness. 

50 Years of il manifesto

The Paper  Norma Rangeri / il manifesto Global (Rome)

The Purpose  Luciana Castellina / il manifesto Global