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Friday Nite Videos | December 24, 2021

Chile 2021: Leftwing Millennial to Be New President. Chile 1973: Manifiesto | Victor Jara. ‘Surprising Is An Understatement’: Kim Potter Verdict. Why New York’s Billionaires’ Row Is Half Empty. Fauci Holiday Message Cold Open | SNL.

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Chile 2021: Leftwing Millennial Gabriel Boric to Be Chile's New President

Gabriel Boric, former student leader, will become Chile’s youngest president after storming to a resounding victory (56-44) in a run-off vote against his far-right opponent, José Antonio Kast. Kast quickly accepted his defeat and called Boric to congratulate him.

Chile 1973: Manifiesto | Victor Jara (With English Subtitles)

One of the last songs Victor Jara wrote, and a poem composed in his final days, while imprisoned in a Santiago stadium.

‘Surprising Is An Understatement’: Civil Rights Attorney On Kim Potter Verdict

Attorney David Henderson reacts to the jury finding ex-officer Kim Potter guilty of manslaughter in the shooting death of Daunte Wright: “I think calling this surprising is an understatement.”

Why New York’s Billionaires’ Row Is Half Empty

Manhattan’s skyscrapers aren’t really built for people anymore.

Fauci Holiday Message Cold Open | SNL

Dr. Anthony Fauci (Kate McKinnon) delivers a special holiday message about the Omicron variant with help from members of the CDC .

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