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Global Left Midweek - Russia, Ukraine and the West

Assessments of a worldwide mine field

A protest in Moscow against the Russian military actions in Ukraine. Credit,Maxim Shipenkov/EPA
  1. Dossier: Against a New War in Europe
  2. Responses in Russia and Elsewhere
  3. Overviews
  4. The NATO Factor
  5. Statements of Opposition to the Invasion
  6. The Fascism Factor
  7. Two Looks Back
  8. One More Message from Ukraine

Dossier: Against a New War in Europe

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (Berlin)

In this dossier we look at the background and consequences of the war in Ukraine. We analyse the causes of the conflict and take a closer look at the situation of people affected by the war. We also listen to left-wing voices from Ukraine and Russia, discuss the possibilities of a peaceful solution to the conflict, and ask what needs to be done to stop the war.

Responses in Russia and Elsewhere

Ukraine Popular Resistance   Daniel Hunter / Waging Nonviolence (Brooklyn)

Unprecedented Rejection by Russians   Eva Hartog / Politico Europe (Brussels)

Antiwar Activists in Russia and Ukraine   Mike Ludwig / Truthout (Sacramento)

Thousands in Rare Show of Dissent   Niko Vorobyov / Al Jazeera (Doha)

Second Biggest Russian Labor Confederation Denounces War   Kenny Stancil / Common Dreams (Portland ME)

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Where Do Russia’s Allies Stand?   / Al Jazeera

Putin’s War Boosts UK Hawks   Editorial / Morning Star (London)


A Critical Russian   Ilya Budraitskis / Verso (London)

A Veteran of Ukraine’s Left  Volodymyr Ishchenko / Midwestern Marx

Donetsk and Luhansk   Henry Foy / Financial Times (London)

For a Transnational Peace   / Transnational Social Strike Platform

A Letter to the Western Left from Kyiv   Taras Bilous / openDemocracy (London)

The NATO Factor

Iran: It’s All About NATO Incursion   Maziar Motamedi / Al Jazeera

What They’ve Been Up To   Jonathan Guyer / Vox (New York)

Statements of Opposition to the Invasion

Ukrainian Socialists   Sotsіalniy Rukh (Social Movement) (Kyiv)

Anti-War Russian Left   Nikita Arkin, et al. / Europe Solitaire Sans Frontières (Paris)

Polish Left   Lewica Razem (Left Together) (Warsaw)

(Some) Communist and Workers Parties   Solidnet (Athens)


Transform! Europe (Vienna)

Communist Party of India (ML) Liberation (New Delhi)

Socialist Alliance Australia   Sam Wainwright / Socialist Alliance (Sydney)

The Fascism Factor

Ukraine’s Azov Battalion Christopher Miller / BuzzFeed News (New York)

An Anti-Fascist Position   Emily F. Gorcenski / personal website (Berlin)

Two Looks Back

Ukraine and the Soviet Union   Dave Holmes / Links (Sydney)

Today as Yesterday: Zimmerwald 1915   International Socialist Conference / Marxist Internet Archive

One More Message from Ukraine

Volodymyr Artiukh / Commons (Kyiv)

Russia’s toolkit is different from that of the US, it is not hegemonic, as it relies on brute force rather than on soft power and economy. Nevertheless, brute force is a powerful tool, as you all know from the US behaviour in Latin America, Iraq, Afghanistan and all over the globe.