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Global Left Midweek – May 18, 2022

Walden Bello on the Philippines election, Lula picks a running mate, and news on the left in Sudan, Sri Lanka, Russia and more

Sudan Resistance Committees delegates pose after the signing of a political agreement on May 11, 2022. Credit,Sudan Tribune
  1. World Economy in Disarray
  2. Women Confront the Taliban
  3. Charter for People’s Power in Sudan
  4. Sri Lanka Explodes
  5. Lula Advances
  6. Philippines Prospects
  7. War Watch
  8. More on the French Left
  9. Malaysias Parti Socialis
  10. Left Administration in Zagreb: Year One


World Economy in Disarray

C. P. Chandrasekhar / Independent Development Economics Associates (Oxford)

World leaders are clueless as to where the world economy is headed or what can be done to prevent a possible collapse. In the midst of an intensifying crisis, developed country governments are left with no options under the capitalist rule of the game.

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Women Confront the Taliban

Deepa Parent / openDemocracy (London)

Women’s rights activists march in Kabul against new face-covering order, despite threats and risk of imprisonment from Taliban. Women activists mobilised as soon as they heard rumours about the new edict. Carrying placards that read ‘No to obligatory burqa’ and ‘The burqa is not our hijab’, they were confronted by Taliban fighters carrying guns.

Charter for People’s Power in Sudan

Sudan Tribune (Khartoum)

Fifteen Resistance Committees in Khartoum State endorsed a political charter establishing a unified political platform for the neighbourhood-based groups that lead the anti-coup protests.

Sri Lanka Explodes

Lula Advances

Afonso Bezerra / Brasil de Fato (São Paulo)

Lula’s vice-presidential candidate will be the former governor of São Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin (PSB). Despite being opponents in the past, both Lula and Alckmin quoted the educator Paulo Freire, who once said, “it is necessary to unite the divergent, to better confront the antagonistic”.

Philippines Prospects

War Watch

More on the French Left

Ell Folan / Novara Media (London)

A historic political coalition between Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s leftwing La France Insoumise (LFI), the centre-left Socialist Party (PS) and the French Greens has been announced. If the alliance holds, polling suggests this broad left bloc would win the popular vote by a 10pt-margin.

s Parti Sosialis

Murray Hunter / Think Left (Kuala Lumpur)

PSM is a small party with a growing membership, especially among the young. The party is organized along parallel peoples’ groups across society, either directly or through affiliated networks.

Left Administration in Zagreb: Year One

Paul Stubbs / LeftEast

Those who are not part of an inner circle of decision-makers, including even some elected officials, and those who are part of technical working groups, hear of policy initiatives through the media. At the same time, there is grassroots energy around the new activists who have been elected to local levels of governance even though their status within the platform remains unclear.