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Global Left Midweek – June 1, 2022

It’s the rising left against ‘Colombia's Trump’ in a presidential runoff, and social storm watches from around Africa

Misak indigenous people cast their votes during the first round of the presidential election in Silvia, Colombia May 29, 2022. Credit,REUTERS/Luisa Gonzalez
  1. A History-Making Runoff in Colombia
  2. The War and the World
  3. Oxfam Targets Billionaires
  4. Russia’s Anti-Warriors
  5. Video: Meet Munesa Mubarez
  6. Africa is Churning
  7. Continent-Wide Inventories: Europe and Latin America
  8. Sri Lanka in Revolt
  9. International Support for Palestine Solidarity at McGill University
  10. The Socialist Victor of Hamlet Towers


A History-Making Runoff in Colombia

W.T. Whitney / CounterPunch (Doha)

Gustavo Petro and Francia Marquez, presidential and vice-presidential candidates of the Pacto Histórico coalition, scored a first-round victory in elections held on May 29. They face an uphill battle against right populist candidate Rodolfo Hernández.

The War and the World

Anuradha M. Chenoy / Asia Europe People’s Forum

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The Russian illegal war in Ukraine has accelerated a shift in the world order forcing a renewed balance of power. Countries and analysts are calculating the implications of re-balancing and positioning for significant changes. So what are these shifts, the implications and consequences? 

Oxfam Targets Billionaires

Jon Queally / Common Dreams (Portland ME)

With the world’s billionaire class and national leaders meeting in Davos as they pretend to meet as stewards of international leadership, Oxfam said there is one clear thing they should do if they want to be taken seriously: support a tax on billionaire wealth.

Russia’s Anti-Warriors

Video: Meet
Munesa Mubarez

Ahmad Hakimi / Deutsche Welle (Berlin)

Mubarez is fighting for women's rights, organizing demonstrations on the streets of Kabul. She continues her activism even as the Taliban introduces ever-stricter regulations controlling the lives of women.

Africa is Churning

Continent-Wide Inventories

  • Europe   Barbara Steiner / transform! Europe (Vienna)
  • Latin America   Steve Ellner / NACLA Report (New York)

Sri Lanka in Revolt

International Support for Palestine Solidarity at McGill University

Just Peace Advocates (Toronto)

The Palestine Solidarity Policy was approved by the undergraduate student body of McGill University, with 71% of the vote! However, the McGill administration has threatened to terminate an agreement with the undergraduate student union that would withhold its funding after the student union adopted the Palestine Solidarity Policy in its campus referendum.

The Socialist Victor of Hamlet Towers

Lutfur Rahman / Jacobin (New York)

In London’s poorest borough, I ran as an open socialist against the Labour Party to become mayor — and I won. Despite Labour’s conservative turn, the Left can win like I did: by going on the offensive.