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Global Left Midweek – September 20, 2023

News and analysis from, and about, left social movements and parties around the world

Greta Thunberg was arrested with others at a protest in Malmö, for blocking a road for oil trucks in protest of fossil fuel use. Credit, euronews
  1. Global Protests to End Fossil Fuels
  2. Latin America Focus
  3. Transnational Solidarity With #WomanLifeFreedom
  4. Japan CP Has Its Own Peace Proposal
  5. Building Alternatives On the Ground
  6. G77+China Meets in Havana
  7. Underground Politics in 1970s Senegal
  8. The New Refuseniks
  9. Hungary: Can a Few Sparks Light a Fire?
  10. The Worker Peasant Alliance in India Today


Global Protests to End Fossil Fuels

Rosie Frost / euronews (Lyon)

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Video and reports from multiple street actions, including defacing the Brandenburg Gate, and sit-downs in major cities to demand immediate action to end the climate crisis.

Latin America Focus

Transnational Solidarity With #WomanLifeFreedom

Yalda N. Hamidi and Dominik Drabent / Ms. (Arlington VA)

The #WomanLifeFreedom movement has emerged after Mahsa (Zhina) Amini’s death as a unifying force, bringing together Iranians across differences. All are striving to amplify their voices and demand recognition. This movement has sparked diverse conversations among Muslim women scholars both within their communities and in the diaspora.

Building Alternatives On the Ground

Japan CP Has Its Own Peace Proposal

Federico Fuentes and Kimitoshi Morihara / Green Left (Sydney)

Japanese Communist Party (JCP) International Commission vice chair Kimitoshi Morihara speaks regarding the peace and security initiatives the party is promoting to help counter growing militarisation in East Asia.

G77+China Meets in Havana

Gabriel Vera Lopes / Peoples Dispatch (New Delhi)

In its final declaration, the G77+China Summit highlighted the importance of technology for development and the impacts of climate change, and called for a reform of the international economic system. The summit is the largest event of countries from the Global South within the United Nations.

Underground Politics in 1970s Senegal

Florian Bobin and Maky Madiba SyllaReview of African Political Economy (London)

Eugénie Rokhaya Aw, imprisoned under the regime of Léopold Sédar Senghor, was an active Senegalese left-wing activist who fought clandestinely for the country’s democratisation in the 1970s. More than a year after her passing in July 2022, her testimony sheds light on the struggles of several generations who fought imperialism beyond official African independences.

The New Refuseniks

Oren Ziv / +972 (Tel Aviv)

A new letter by young conscientious objectors in Israel was presented under the banner of “Youth Against Dictatorship.” As opposed to previous “refusenik letters,” the current letter connects opposition to the government’s judicial overhaul to conscientious objection due to the occupation. 

Can a Few Sparks Light a Fire?

Áron Rossman-Kiss / Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (Berlin)

If, a few exceptions aside, the Left has made only little electoral inroads in Hungary during the past decade, a lively left-wing scene has nevertheless emerged. Still small, Budapest-centric, and inevitably beset by fierce disagreement, it has nevertheless contributed to broadening the terms and possibilities of political imagination.

The Worker Peasant Alliance in India Today

Raju J Das / Links (Sydney)

For peasants to enhance their success in getting their demands met in India (as elsewhere in the Global South, with its belated capitalist development), there must be a worker peasant alliance (WPA).  The concept/practice of the WPA raises many interesting questions concerning existing ideas about anti-capitalist revolution as well as the revolutionary potential of the peasantry.