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South African Communist Party 14th Congress Discusses Future Role in National Politics

Abayomi Azikiwe News Ghana
Although advances for the South African people have been made under ANC leadership, continuing poverty and unemployment made worse by the recession and decline in the value of the Rand. The solution to our frustrations with the ANC will not be solved if the reasons that have led to the failure to assert working class hegemony within the tripartite alliance of ANC, COSATU and SACP is not accurately diagnosed. This was the question before the SACP Convention.

From the International Movement: Declaration from the recent South African Communist Party 14th Congress

South African Communist Party South African Communist Party
Many Portside readers follow developments in the international socialist movement, including recent developments in South Africa. Here is the declaration from the recently concluded Congress of the South African Communist Party. Some readers may find it a hopeful sign of the SACP's returning to its role as a critical partner in the governing coalition with COSATU in the governing coalition. Others may feel that the SACP is not being critical enough. What do you think?


Solidarity with Palestine is not Hate Speech, says Cosatu

Cosatu Morning Star
A South African court ruled that the trade union federation Costau is guilty of hate speech and anti-Semitism because of its support of Palestinian rights. The union denounced the ruling as an attack against workers’ rights to offer solidarity, freedom of expression and the struggle for justice and dignity for all.

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Good Cheer for South Africa's Winery Workers

Gary Herman Union Solidarity International
South African winery workers, are among the lowest paid and most harshly treated in the country. Yet their union just won a strike through a combination of worker action at home and interntional solidarity that targetted the employer's brand.


Vavi’s May Day call: New labour federation set for weekend launch

Greg Nicolson Daily Maverick
A new union federation in South Africa is being formed through the leadership of unions and individuals expelled from Cosatu with the aim of organizing the unorganized -- Cosatu denounced the move as divisive and as leading away from the struggle for jobs and against monopoly capital.


Cosatu Congress Wraps Up With A Declaration Calling For Unity

Govan Whittles Eyewitness News
A special convention of Cosatu -- the Congress of South African Trade Unions -- concluded a special convention rejecting an appeal by the expelled metal workers union to rejoin the federation. The future of former Cosatu President Zwelinzima Vavi was also debated. Although the Federation's unity was preserved and its political orientation was, deep divisions remain.

Tidbits - November 20, 2014

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South Africa - COSATU, NUMSA - What's Going On?

Documents from COSATU, NUMSA and ANC
This past weekend, COSATU, South Africa's labor federation voted to expel NUMSA, the National Union of Metal Workers. To give readers a better understanding, Portside is posting many of the relevant documents (sorry for length of this post): Tyotyo James (COSATU deputy president) interview prior to expulsion; COSATU official statement; NUMSA response to the expulsion; ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe on Developments in COSATU.
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