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Will Democrats Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth?

Marc Dann and Leo Jennings III Working-Class Perspectives
Illustration of a man looking into the mouth of horse with a bow on its head. The gift comes courtesy of the 25 GOP governors who opted not to accept billions in federal unemployment benefits. As a result of their callous decision more than 4 million lost $300 in weekly payments they desperately needed.

As Pandemic Aid Ends, California Families Face Brutal New Year

Nigel Duara CalMatters
Jacques Gene and his 7-year-old son, Wyatt, at his home in Cool, near Sacramento. Absent last-minute federal and state pandemic aid, Californians will be in for a rough new year. Some 750,000 Californians are set to lose federal unemployment benefits the day after Christmas, and 2.1 million could lose their homes weeks later.
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