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Massachusetts Executed Two Italian Immigrants 90 Years Ago: Why The Global Fallout Still Matters

Moshik Temkin The Conversation
For many people in 1927 and after, the two men were victims of a deep-seated fear of immigrants. For others, they were criminals and terrorists who benefited from a worldwide campaign led by people who despised America and its institutions.Today, the United States is engaged in a bitter struggle between these same two views, with the xenophobic forces currently in political power, especially in the White House.

What’s Hidden Behind the Walls of America’s Prisons

Heather Ann Thompsom The Conversation
It is only when there is a particularly dramatic abuse, or a death that can’t be hidden, that the public gets any glimpse of what life on the inside is like for so many Americans. When ordinary citizens learn of atrocities committed behind bars, most are appalled, but the sad reality is that the public has few tools to gain access to those behind bars. Not knowing is what makes it possible for unimaginable suffering to take place in the name of safety and security.

This Wasn't Just a Primary Victory. This Was a Revolution - Advances Movement for Racial and Criminal Justice

Will Bunch / Philadelphia Daily News
Larry Krasner's victory for Philadelphia District Attorney is huge! Krasner has been the main defense attorney for #BlackLivesMatter and Occupy and has freed 80 prisoners on wrongful conviction charges. He ran to end stop-and-frisk, end cash bail, and treat drug law violators via the public health rather than criminal justice system. A huge victory for the movements against police brutality and mass incarceration - for progressive and racial justice movements nationwide.

Challenging the Death Penalty in the South

Rebekah Barber Facing South
In every Southern state with the death penalty activists are working to abolish it. They include civil rights activists who focus on the system's racial bias, faith leaders who view the work as part of their ministry, and even family members of victims who seek closure but not vengeance.

Friday Nite Videos -- March 10, 2017

No, Ben Carson, Slaves Weren't 'Immigrants'. The State That Beat Trump's Travel Ban Is Back in Court. The Dalai Lama: John Oliver. How Jails Extort the Poor | Salil Dudani. The Doomsday Clock, Explained.

RIKERS, Face to Face

A vivid arc of life on Rikers as told by the people who experienced it — from the trauma of entry, the conflicts with other inmates and corrections officers, the stabbings and beatings, and the torture of solitary confinement to the psychological challenges of returning to the outside world

Mamie Till and Tarsha Jackson: ‘Mothers at the Gate’

Ebony Slaughter-Johnson Equal Voice
Decades later, the extreme, extrajudicial brutality Emmett Till encountered is almost inconceivable. Nevertheless, violence against African-American bodies still takes place today, sustained by a criminal justice system that provides everything but justice. And mothers like Mamie Till are still at the forefront of the fight for justice for their children and all children.
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