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Is It Bad Enough Yet?

Mark Bittman The New York Times
Op-Ed by food journalist and columnist Mark Bittman: "What makes this an exciting time is that we are beginning to see links among issues that we have overlooked for far too long."

Friday Nite Videos -- Dec 6, 2013 (Mandela)

Music has always been a powerful expression and organizing tool of the oppressed people of South Africa. Here is music inspired by and supporting their struggles, including the artists Hugh Masakela, Abdullah Ibrahim, Johnny Clegg and Gil Scott-Heron.

Ronald McDonald Cares

On Dec 5, 2013, fast food workers held actions in over 100 cities demanding a living wage. Here's just how effing heartless Ronald is to his workers.

Is Fight for 15 for Real?

Micah Uetricht In These Times
A hard look at the campaign by retail and fast-food workers to earn a living wage.

Fast Food Strikes Catch Fire

David Moberg In These Times
The fast food strikes are part of a broader movement by low-wage workers for higher pay and union representation that has caught fire over the past year. Targets include a range of employers, including Wal-Mart, federal subcontractors, warehouses, retail stores and car washes. This low-wage service and retail worker movement has tapped into a vein of discontent. But it has also created hopes for change through the fledgling campaign’s remarkable successes.

The Wages of Dignity

Eleanor Bader Brooklyn Rail
Beyond just better wages, the workers at the forefront of the FFF campaign are demanding to be treated with greater respect and dignity.

Surprise Fast Food Strike Planned in St. Louis

By Josh Eidelson Salon
These fast food campaigns, and the recent strike wave against Wal-Mart, represent the most dramatic challenges by the embattled U.S. labor movement to two industries that increasingly define the new U.S. economy.


Fast Food Walkout in Chicago

Josh Eidelson Salon
Breaking: 500 low-wage workers expected to stop working from a dozen chains on Wednesday morning
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