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The NLRB and Fight for $15

Max Zahn Working In These Times
The NLRB Just Dealt a Major Blow to the Fight for $15. Now’s the Time to Take Stock of the Campaign.


2017: The Canadian Labour movement in review

Gerard Di Trolio Rank and
Unions in Canada suffered some setbacks in 2017. However, movements like the Fight for $15 and Fairness show a potential way ahead. In 2018, those looking to renew the labor movement need to build power from below, encourage greater membership involvement, forge international solidarity, and confront governments, even those that are ostensibly friendly.

Rising Inequality Is Far From Inevitable

Robert Kuttner The American Prospect
For a generation after World War II, America was far more equal than we are today. Can we ever get that back? Of course we can—the obstacles are political, not economic.


2016: The Canadian Labour Movement in Review

Doug Nesbitt
Almost every single province in Canada is ruled by a government committed to deep austerity cuts and assaults on workers rights. The tasks seem large, but as with various local labour battles, campaigns like the Fight for $15, and organizations like Iron & Earth, workers are constantly being pulled together in common struggles against common enemies.

25 Places That Raised the Minimum Wage in 2016

National Employment Law Project National Employment Law Project
There were the most minimum wage victories in 2016 of any year since Fight for $15 began. Campaigns are underway in more than a dozen additional jurisdictions to continue movement’s winning streak in 2017 and 2018.


Thousands of Fight for 15 Protesters Rise Up in 340 Cities Across the U.S.

Steven Greenhouse The Guardian
The Fight for 15 has grown into one of the nation’s largest progressive movements, alongside movements by undocumented immigrants, Black Lives Matter and environmental activists fighting global warming. Beginning with fast-food workers four years ago, the Fight for 15 now includes other groups, including childcare workers, home-care aides, airport workers and adjunct professors.
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