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The Tragedy of Vice Principals

Andrew Simmons The Atlantic
The jokes in the HBO comedy may not be all that funny, but the show reveals something raw and authentic about public-school dynamics.


ATX TV Fest: How HBO’s ‘Oz’ and ‘The Wire’ Changed the Game with David Simon and Tom Fontana

Omar L. Gallaga Austin 360
Three showrunners of some of the most influential TV dramas of the so-called golden age of TV shared the stage at the ATX Television Festival Saturday morning at Google Fiber Space, describing the birth of HBO’s original dramas, what it was like to create iconic shows such as “The Wire” and “Homicide: Life on the Street” and why despicable characters still make for great TV.


Anita Hill on HBO Film 'Confirmation,' Joe Biden's Legacy and Bill Cosby

Tessa Stuart Rolling Stone
"In the eyes of the Senate, it was about [Clarence Thomas'] gender. It was about male privilege. Who do you believe? You believe the guy who is a guy like you. Even the public -- 70 percent of the public when polled after the hearings, believed Clarence Thomas. They were willing to dismiss my experience as insignificant, both racially and in terms of gender... We've got to make the decision that we're going to reject people who behave badly, who are sexually abusive."
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