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The NFL’s Moral Collapse

Judd Legum Popular Information
What was unusual on Monday is that the full impact of Hamlin's injury was on display in the middle of the field during a primetime matchup. Typically, players who suffer injuries are rushed off the field so the game can resume as quickly as possible. This mentality — "next man up" — is glorified in NFL culture.


Biden Forges Ahead with His Pro-Union Agenda on Several Fronts

Maegan Vazquez CNN
President Biden's statement on Tuesday urging the U.S. House of Representatives to approve the Protecting the Right to Organize Act follows his earlier support for workers who want to organize an Amazon warehouse in Alabama.

Why 2020 Was the ‘Precarity Election’

Albena Azmanova and Marshall Auerback Economy For All
workers with dangerous machine gears Neither political party has truly addressed the issue of economic security, which is why the country remains a house divided against itself.

Tidbits - June 26, 2014

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Temporary Jobs on Rise in Today's Shifting Economy

Tom Raum
"Workers increasingly serve businesses that do not officially 'employ' the worker — a distinction that hampers organizing, erodes labor standards and dilutes accountability," said Catherine Ruckelshaus, general counsel for the National Employment Law Project, which advocates on behalf of low-wage workers. A recent Federal Reserve study showed that nearly 7.5 million people who are working part time — contract workers included — would rather have full-time jobs.

Obamacare Secret: If You Quit Your Job, You Have a Plan and Keep Wages

Dean Baker The Guardian
Expanding health insurance to the uninsured was never the big story. The most important benefit of Obamacare is the security it provides to the tens of millions of people who already had insurance – except that insurance, before the Affordable Care Act, was only as safe as their job.
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