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Tidbits - January 22, 2015 - Iran War Demand; Martin Luther King; Social Security & Disability cuts, more...

Reader Comments- Jobs and Higher Wages; Boehner, Netanyahu, Israel, Iran; Martin Luter King - radical anti-capitalist; Charlie Hebdo - racism, nationalism, free speech; Broken Criminal Justice system; Social Security, Disability; Erosion of Collective Bargaining = Income Inequality; Podemos; Solidarity Forever; Selma; Guantanamo protest; Roe v. Wade Anniversary; Announcements- Forums- Ending the Embargo of Cuba; After The Greek Elections; March Delegation to Venezuela


The 9 Most Important Victories for Workers in 2014

Amien Essif Working In These Times
Fast-food and retail workers demonstrating in record numbers, cities across the country raising their minimum wage under public pressure, student athletes gaining recognition as employees of their universities, the labor movement has seen some important—and, at times, unexpected—victories this past year.

Friday Nite Videos -- Singing Out 2014

Hong Kong Ode to Joy Flash Mob. Stevie Wonder: 'Hard Time Mississippi.' Handel's Messiah: A Random Act of Culture. Pete Seeger -- Waist Deep in the Big Muddy. Mary Poppins Really Needs a Raise.


Judge Strikes Down Wage Boost for Some Home Workers

Associated Press The Washington Post
Under the ruling, home care agencies and other third-party employers can continue denying minimum wage and overtime pay to workers who provide primarily “fellowship and protection” as opposed to more extensive care.


Labor's New Reality -- it's Easier to Raise Wages for 100,000 than to Unionize 4,000

Harold Meyerson Los Angeles Times
Unions historically have supported minimum wage and occupational safety laws that benefited all workers, not just their members. But they also have recently begun investing major resources in organizing drives more likely to yield new laws than new members. Some of these campaigns seek to organize workers who, rightly or wrongly, aren't even designated as employees or lack a common employer, such as domestic workers and cab drivers.

Low Wage Workers: 'We Can’t Breathe'

Robert Borosage and Richard Long Campaign for America's Future
Low wage workers in more than 180 cities stage strikes and demonstrations demanding a $15 minimum wage and the right to organize. They are protesting an economic order in which they have no way to breathe.

Minimum-Wage Workers: Where They Work and What They Are Paid

Drew DeSilver Pew Research Center
More than 20 million people, and nearly one-third of all hourly employees over 18 make more than the existing federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour but less than the $10.10 per hour increased federal minimum wage unsuccessfully promoted by the Obama Administration and Congressional Democrats earlier this year. The Pew Research Center's Fact Tank provides a profile of where these "near-minimum-wage" workers work and what they are paid.

Friday Nite Videos -- November 7, 2014

Election Day: Money vs Ideas. The Bus Boys: The Minimum Wage Song. First Anti-Corruption Act in US History Passes. James Randi: Homeopathy, Quackery and Fraud. How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain.
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