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The Bus Boys: The Minimum Wage Song

Class, race and music come together as the Bus Boys sing the Minimum Wage song from the kitchen of Carlos and Charlie's restaurant in 1979.


Bay Area Victories For Living Wage

Seth Sandronsky Talking Union
San Francisco voters approved Proposition J. This will increase the minimum wage to $15 by July 2018.

Make 2016 About Minimum Wage Ballot Initiatives

Lane Windham Working Class Progress
A nationwide push for minimum wage ballot initiatives will not only give working people a much-needed raise, but will serve to bring out the young people, people of color and working-class voters the Democrats will need to win office. If Democrats offer a more robust economic plan, many of those ballot voters may stick with the party.

Tidbits - October 16, 2014

Reader Comments - Karen Lewis starts recovery; Philadelphia Students Support Teachers; Towards a Socialist America; War on the Islamic State; Arming Rebels Does Not Work; Silicon Valley and Organized Labor; New Voters in Ferguson; Investing in Junk Armies; Gaza Reconstruction; Doomed Without a Wealth Tax; Rosenberg Sons' Statement; Announcements - New York and Chicago events; Palestine solidarity

Friday Nite Videos -- October 3, 2014

Subway Flashmob: Bolero. A History Of The Minimum Wage. Anti-matter Explained. People's Climate March -- Aerial Footage. Bill O'Reilly's Anti-Terrorist Mercenaries.

A History Of The Minimum Wage

In dollars and cents, the minimum wage has only gone up, but in purchasing power it's had its ups and downs. See when it went up and since when it's gone down.


Hyatt to Pay Ousted Workers $1 million in Boycott-ending Deal

Katie Johnston Boston Globe
Under the settlement, these workers, who were supported by the hospitality union Unite Here, also will receive preference in hiring at future Boston-area Hyatt hotels, although many said they would be reluctant to return to a Hyatt unless it is unionized. Nationwide, about a quarter of Hyatt hotels have a union presence, and Marc Ellin, senior vice president at Hyatt, said future Hyatts in Greater Boston “could involve union representation

L.A. City Council Votes for Minimum-Wage Hike to $15.37 at Big Hotels

By Emily Alpert Reyes & David Zahniser Los Angeles Times
The higher hotel wage was the product of two years of organizing by a coalition that included labor unions, more than a dozen neighborhood councils, the ACLU and other nonprofits, which billed the measure as a critical step in addressing poverty.

Demonizing the Minimum Wage

By William Finnegan The New Yorker
Senator Orrin Hatch, in an earlier round of this century-long debate, told the Times, “Youth unemployment and black unemployment will drastically rise. It’s amazing to me that some black leaders want an increase in the minimum wage.” African-Americans and young adults are evidently consulting oracles different from Hatch’s. Both groups support raising the minimum wage to even higher rates than do Americans as a whole.
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