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Demonizing the Minimum Wage

By William Finnegan The New Yorker
Senator Orrin Hatch, in an earlier round of this century-long debate, told the Times, “Youth unemployment and black unemployment will drastically rise. It’s amazing to me that some black leaders want an increase in the minimum wage.” African-Americans and young adults are evidently consulting oracles different from Hatch’s. Both groups support raising the minimum wage to even higher rates than do Americans as a whole.


The Worst Paying Fastest-Growing Job in America

Claire Zillman Fortune
Historical discrimination, demographics, and public funding have left home care workers at the very bottom of the American work hierarchy. The wages these workers earn are painfully low: the median salary for a personal care aide is $19,910 annually, or $9.57 an hour; a home health aide earns $20,820 or $10.01 per hour. On the Bureau of Labor Statistic's list of 30 fastest-growing jobs, personal and home care aides are the worst paid.

Fast Food Sit Down Strike-Nationwide Arrests

Jillian Berman; Terrance Heath; Low Pay is Not OK Huffington Post
Fast Food workers staged sit-down strikes in cities across the country today. In more than 150 cities nationwide, Fast Food workers and their allies demonstrated, picketed, and sat-in. Hundreds were arrested across the country, from ocean to ocean, and border to border.

Tidbits - September 4, 2014

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Across Asia's Borders, Labor Activists Team Up to Press Wage Claims

Eveline Danubrata and Prak Chan Thul Reuters
For global companies that have shifted production to Southeast Asia's low-cost manufacturing hub, greater cross-boarder labor coordination could mean less room for wage bargaining, a squeeze on profits and maybe even higher price tags on anything from shoes and clothing to cars and electronics appliances. But even as wages rise, labor activists are confident they aren't at risk of pricing themselves out of the market.


Labor Ruling Puts Atlanta’s Fast-Food Empire on Edge

Dan Chapman and Leon Stafford The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
A recent National Labor Relations Board ruling means unions could one day organize nationally among all McDonald’s workers, rather than one store at a time. Nowhere perhaps did the ruling reverberate louder than in Atlanta, headquarters for Arby’s, Chick-fil-A, Popeye’s and other fast-food franchises, as well as many hotel, retail and temp agency chains.The ruling could be a huge boost for the Service Employees International Union, which is organizing fast-food workers.

Chicago Aldermen Want a $15 Minimum Wage in Their City, Too

Ethan Corey In These Times
Ultimately, Alderman Muñoz tells In These Times, the CPC hopes to do just that by using initiatives like a $15 minimum wage to bridge the sharp economic divides that plague Chicago and the country as a whole.

How Seattle Fought for $15 and Won

Alyssa Figueroa Alternet
The organizing director of 15 Now explains the tactics, obstacles and lessons learned from Seattle's fight for $15.
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