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The War Against the Postal Service

Monique Morrissey Economic Policy Institute
Postal services should be expanded for the public good, not diminished by special interests

Tidbits - August 3, 2017 - Reader Comments: Memories of the Southern Freedom Movement; Right to Water; Keeping Public Services Public; Fight for Health Care Access Continues; Sen. Gillibrand Takes Name Off Anti-Boycott Bill; Crisis in Venezuela; CEO Pay;

Reader Comments: Memories of the Southern Freedom Movement - Mary Hamilton; The Right to Water - Trump Action Endangers Millions; Keeping Public Services Public; Fight for Health Care Access Continues; Sen. Gillibrand Takes Name Off Anti-Boycott Bill; The Crisis in Venezuela - U.S. Involvement, and The Left; Hate Speech; Questions about Israel and the U.S.; CEO Pay; Palestinian Rights curriculum; An American in China; Dissident Arts Festival; Next Up for Single Payer

European Cities Are Reclaiming Public Services From the Private Sector

Alexis Chemblette Vice Impact
The US has a lot to learn from people powered movements, cities across Europe are increasingly deciding to reclaim public services, spearheading a growing movement for "remunicipalization," meaning the return of public services from private to public.


Reclaiming Public Services

Satoko Kishimoto, Olivier Petitjean, Lavinia Steinfort The Transnational Institute
How cities and citizens are turning back privatisation

The Stealth Privatization of Pennsylvania's Bridges

Ellen Dannin, Truthout News Truthout
Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett's administration has decided to sign a 40-year contract to privatize the state's crumbling bridges, but there has been little to no media coverage of the deal and what it will mean for two generations of Pennsylvanians.

The Long History of Privatization Failures

Ellen Dannin Employment Policy Research Network (EPRN)
We need to own up to is that privatization experiments, based on ideology rather than evidence, have created disruption, neglect, and harm to vital public services and infrastructure - and those effects have undermined the private sector which depends on high quality public services. We seem to have forgotten that the public sector has long created the environment and resources necessary for businesses to prosper.

The Interstate of the Future: Privatization or Innovation?

Ellen Dannin, Truthout News Analysis Truthout
We will, no doubt, be needing roads - urban, local and interstate - for the foreseeable future, despite their negative effects. The good news is that we are now heading toward a transportation ecosystem that is far more varied and useful. Rather than encouraging more cars, more trucks, more pollution, less interpersonal connection and more privatized space, people throughout the country are radically changing travel and interpersonal connection.
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